Adopt My Child

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joanscott - July 24

i am a kenyan looking for a loving family to adopt my child.i am due in november.


Mrs M - July 26

Hi, Have you tried going to adoption centre, they will help you find a loving family for your baby. There are a lot of couples who are seeking for adoption, especially new born. I'm very positive that you will find someone.


briantania - August 5

Hi, My Husband and I have been married for 13 yrs and have been wanting another child for years. we have took all the cla__ses for adoption through the Department of Family Services been waiting for 3 years now. we would love to adopt your baby. We just don't want to be let down.


joanscott - August 6

Thanks for your response.where do you live?Can you give me your email address so that we can know each other well.


tredella - August 10

Hi Joan, please email me: tredella (at) hotmail (dot) com


joanscott - August 13

my email is joanscott at yahoo dot com


joanscott - August 14

my correct email is joanscott8784 at yahoo dot com


jennandluis - August 29

Hey there to all the single moms out there, I wish I knew what it was like to be a mom. A stepmom is so much different then, being able to raise a baby from birth. If any of you women, feel that you cannot handle being a mom right now and would like someone to adopt your child, please let me know. You can always email me at jenisalazar at live dot com. I check my emails constantly and would be more that happy to help out with medical and other finances. Me and my husband have been married over 10 years and he brought 2 kids in, but they are 16 and 14 and i'm in search for me a newborn or a little bit older. Please email me for further info.


jennandluis - August 29

hello there and we would like to let you know that we as my husband and I would love to adopt your baby. Please let me get some kind of information from you as far as where you live and background if you like, if not you can just call me at 325 977 1533 or email jenisalazar (at) live (dot) com


joanscott - August 30

Thank you.I will


jennandluis - August 30

Joanscott, I would like to know when can we talk about your baby and yourself. I would really like to see if we can do that this week and today would be a great day. Please let me know. You have my email address and my cell phone number. Please let me know when we can talk more.


joanscott - August 30

Hy.i did send you a mail. my email is joanscott8784 (at) yahoo (dot) com


jennandluis - August 30

hey there i just sent you an email. so hopefully you can read it soon and reply.


Cleo78 - August 18

Dear Joan I have sent you an email if you are still looking into adoption


bubbles15962000 - May 10

i have had multiple adoptions fall through and im about to give up. if there is anyone who wants your baby or future baby to go to an amazing family. that could give them all the love they could want or need, email me at tjselva at comcast dot net


Adop232 - August 7

Stop contacting all other Agency to help you all when The fastest adoption agency rely beside you, Bronthon Adoption Agency is good and licensed, they help me too and am the happiest person on earth today, a friend of mine adopt from Bronthon Agency and they are living good, if you are wanting to adopt a baby you can reach them at: Bronthonadoptionservice(at) hotmail (dot) com



Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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