Desperate Mom Of Baby With Severe Eczema

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tranht01 - March 8

i am experienced the same with my daugher. she is 1yrs old now. her eczema start show up and getting worse when she was about 3 1/2 months old. it getting worse that her skin crack and all over her body, face, and she scratch a lot. took her to dr and Dem they give her the steroid and Dermsmooth Oil. the oil you apply 3 or 4 time a day. also they told us to use CeraVel Soap and lotion. we use all the stuff they told us and it does help. also i stop buying baby food and start homemade baby food. as of today, she still have it but not much. i dress her in very ligh cloth even in the winter. try to keep the house cool and stay away sunlight.


deniseW - August 14

Hello.   God healed me of severe eczema which I'd suffered with for many years, and now I just want to yell from the rooftops and tell the world how that happened and how to get healed.  I was often covered in eczema from head to toe and looked like a monster.  It's mid summer now; hot, humid and sweaty; and I am not bothered in the least.  That is a miracle.  Since I was first introduced to the internet, I have spent many hours reading about eczema and what others had to say in the comments sections.  I tried nearly everything and nothing helped.  I would get so frustrated going from website to website and most of them were saying basically the same thing:  use this cream or oil.  Now, when I see advertisements for steroid creams and hear stories about how others are suffering, I shake my head and want to scream , "NO! I have an answer."  Whereas I previously browsed the internet looking for an answer for eczema; I am now browsing the internet to tell everyone I can that I have an answer for eczema.   The only way that I know to get the information out is to put it online.  Please google 'God's answer for eczema allergies and constipation how to heal eczema'.  What you will read is not like anything that you have read concerning eczema--it deals with the ROOT CAUSE of eczema.  With so much information out there and so much advice, I totally understand that the problem is 'WHAT DO I BELIEVE.  SHOULD I TRY THIS?'.  Everything that I've written in the article is the absolute truth.  I believe that it came from God, and If you take time to read it in its entirety and do what it says, I believe that your life and the life of your son will change.  God Bless You.   


AllisonKaus - November 19

We've been dealing with eczema with my son for almost 2 years and it's been very hard to control. We give him daily baths, have tried tons of lotions and still have to use a steroid cream to keep it in check. We've been using foderma serum for about a month now and I've seen a noticeable improvement in his skin. He is no longer complaining of itchy skin. Highly recommend trying foderma serum.



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