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Anisa28 - May 30

Hey. I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your problems. I think you should go to doctor. He would tell you whether there is some Infertility problem or not. I had cervix Incompetence disease due to which I was left Infertile. I was not even aware of that. I was so devastated when i first heard about my Infertility. Then I went for it's treatment but nothing could change. My Doctor Suggested me to go for Surrogacy. I went to Europe for the Suggested Clinic. I have a baby girl now. I am so blessed now. I suggest you Consult a good doctor for your problem. I hope you would get positive results from there. Wish you Good luck. Stay blessed.



pitjulie19 - May 30

Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I really felt so sad to know about your miscarriage. But don't worry these things are the part of life. I think such situations occur during the recovery period after the miscarriage. But if it is unbearable then there could be anything wrong. You should have to consult with your doctors regarding this. My cousin has also suffered from a problem like that. Her chest her too. But after a week she recovered. If it is happening more than a week ago then you should go for a complete medical check-up. That's my opinion.

All my sympathies are with you. Take care


Rosina King - June 1

It can be the case. Nothing is sure though. Call the doctor. Ask him if this is normal or not. You should not take a risk with it. I am sorry for the loss. I pray you get baby soon. Baby dust your way. Get well soon <3 


maria_75 - June 5

Hey, I am sorry you have gone through very tough time. Don't worry there will be option for it. You must opt surrogacy. There are clinic in Europe that best deal with it. I wish you a very good luck.


Gloriamulk - June 12

I am sorry for your loss. Here is what I know. The misoprostol is to help the remaining tissue move out. Bleeding is what its supposed to do. Cramping is a side effect in some women. You do not need to worry. It is all normal. But just to be safe, be in the know about how much you are bleeding. Make sure you are not bleeding too fast. Also that you are not bleeding too much. If that happens, consult your doctor. Maybe get some dosage adjustment. Misoprostol induces labor. It helps your body deliver out any remaining tissue. It is a safe regimen. But use it for only as long as advised. Good luck dear.


LeeOsteen - June 15

Welcome to the forum. How are you now? I am sorry to know about your M/C. M/C leave nothing but sadness and emptiness. I hope you will recover soon from all this. You need to consult a doctor asap your current condition. It is not a good one. Try to consult an expert for it. Get yourself properly checked. Take good care of yourself. Don't panic over it. You will be fine soon. I wish you luck and success in future. Lots of baby dust on your way. Stay strong and hopeful. More power to you.



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