My Infertility

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Sasha1513 - June 5

My treatment for infertility is surrogacy.
I am from Bulgaria.Surrogacy is totally prohibited in Bulgaria.And there are no clinics for this.
I was trying to conceive from last 10 years.But i didn't conceive for even one time.
With the years passing i lost my hope of conceiving.The doctors also can't find the problem.
So surrogacy was the last option.
I contacted a clinic in Ukraine for surrogacy.The clinic is very popular for surrogacy.
I visited the clinic on and found the clinic to be very good with good record for infertility treatments.



Hello Sasha! Just read your post! I hope you're doing fine. Well, yes! I've heard that before Japan, Bulgaria and few other nations have still banned surrogacy process. Anyway! Yes? Going to Ukraine can be a good option...I myself also heading there for my surrogacy process in August. So, yeah! Anyway! Wish you all the best! I hope it goes fine for you. Stay strong! Keep going! Sprinkles of baby dust on you. :)


sidneywhite - June 6

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I am a daily visitor of this forum. I love to read stories. Thanks for sharing your story. It made me cry. You are a brave lady. Well, I know surrogacy is banned in many countries. But i am glad you made the right decision. It is good to go abroad for the treatmnet. I am really happy for you. I am also an infertile. I also went through surrogacy. Currently, i am living happily with my family. Anyways i wish you good luck. I hope everything will be fine for you. 


Anisa28 - June 24

Hey. I am really sorry about your miscarriage. I can understand Infertility takes a lot out of women. I was also infertile. I had uterine polyps which made me go through Hysteroscopy. That's why I Couldn't conceive. I tried to Conceive for 4 years but all in vain. I and my Husband wanted babies badly. Then, we searched for alternatives. One of my friends suggested me to go for Surrogacy. We searched for an affordable clinic for us. We went to Europe for the clinic. There we found a reliable and affordable clinic. They found us a healthy Surrogate. Today, I am a blessed mother. I hope things go right in your way. Stay blessed.



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