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Sasha1513 - June 5

I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now.Until now i don't had any luck with it.
I had several attempts of IVF and IUI.But i failed at them too.I don't know whats the main cause for these.
I contacted a number of clinics regarding my infertility issue.But the doctors can't also find the main cause for my infertility.
The doctors are also not sure that whats the main cause for infertility.They also can't tell that should i'll have a baby naturally or not.
So i am getting old now and i guess keep on waiting is not a good idea.I got suggestions from my friends to go for surrogacy.They say that i can have a baby via surrogacy.
I don't know much about surrogacy but i searched about it over the web and found that many people are going for it to have a baby.
But as i live in Bulgaria.Here surrogacy is totally ban.I don't know what to do.
From forums i came to hear about that Ukraine has many good clinics regarding surrogacy.
I think i should move to Ukraine for surrogacy now.
If someone has experience about surrogacy please guide me. 



Hello. I've already given you my advice on your previous post! Well, 10 years is a huge time. I wish you success! you deserve it! Stay blessed! Let me know what your dates come for the process? I'll be following you here along. xoxo :)


Rosina King - June 6

You should definitely go for it. If no other thing is working for you. Surrogacy can help you for sure. I am sorry you have to travel for it. Though the place you mentioned is great. I have a friend. She went there for her surrogacy. She is in love with the place. She is still in contact with the surrogate. She loved the ambiance of the clinic. She said the doctors were friendly. The cost was affordable. They even gave food along with accommodation. The surrogate that was matched was so friendly herself. In short, it was a very sweet experience. 


Rachel966 - June 7

I am sharing my surrogacy expereince for someone looking for it. 
I was infertile due to cancer and i was unable to have a baby.
Later we found about surrogacy.We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy.
With the help of internet in Europe we came to know about a good clinic there.
We than moved to Ukraine.We finally went through surrogacy.Soon we will have to beautiful daughters via Surrogacy.
Surrogacy is very good you people should also research about it i guess.



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