Very Confused..

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AmandaK - May 27

I totally feel your loss, miscarriages do shatter you in so many ways. And they affect you deeply when you are passively TTC. I have experienced three MC'S during my TTC journey. Believe you me they weren't good at all. I advise you to see a good RE? There could be a chance that you are experiencing delayed ovulation. I advise you see a good fertility counselor. This way you will know the chances of conception. Also, you will know your infertility issues and can be treated. Hormonal imbalances also cause delayed periods. Hope this has helped.


serra1 - May 30

I am sad for what you have experienced. PCOS is another sort of fruitlessness. My friend had it. She was diagnosed with it before marriage. She needed to have babies. She heard that in IVF she can consider an infant. She put it all on the line as well. Following a month she miscarried. Same happened in IUI. I was so sad for her. Nothing was helping her. So she chose to go for surrogacy. She has a child now. She is so glad to be a mother.


Catherine1214 - June 5

What can be more tormenting for a mom to get pregnant and then lose the pregnancy. It is really a very tough time. It is the high tension time for any mom. She is looking forward to these days. She waits for becoming a mother. I am sorry that your life is cursed with the same fate. It is unfortunate but you need to face it with grace and dignity. The only solution to this problem is that you need to stay strong. Negativity would not give you anything. It is the time to learn. It is a time to think. Destiny always has something good waiting for you. Instead of putting yourself into grief and pain it is important to look for some solution that can really bring a difference in your life. Get yourself properly checked. Find out the reason of miscarriages. This will not just help you reaching a conclusion but will equally help in thinking for the alternatives. I wish you all the luck in your life.


Gloriamulk - June 12

Hey there. I am sorry to know about your situation. It is pretty confusing though. Have you visited some doctor? Try consulting a good one asap. I hope everything will be fine. Sending love and wishes to you. Stay strong and positive. Lots of love.


LeeOsteen - June 14

Have you discussed your situation with some doctor? You need a good suggestion asap. I think you should consult a good doctor. Hope you will find what is best for you. Sending love and wishes to you. Keep sharing more about you. Hope to hear soon from you. Love and luck to you.


erin_wales - June 21

hey, have you consulted your doctor? All you need is a good suggestion. I must say that you have to make a visit to some specialist. I'm sure you'll find some perfect source soon. However, I have seen many cases like you before. People successfully had their children through surrogacy. Clinics in Europe are well known for it. Hope you'll get your dream fulfilled soon!


Samiah - June 21

Well, dear in this case I would suggest you to visit clinic. is right here, a specialist guideness would be perfect for you. Dont be confused. Surrogacy is best solution for infertile people. Well, my good wishes and prayers are with you


Catherine1214 - June 22

I am really sorry for your condition. It is really painful. Miscarriages have several causes. Some times they happen because of any accident. In some cases everything is normal but suddenly the miscarriages happen. You faced multiple miscarriages. It means that things were really complicated. It is very important to look into the matters. I hope you went to the doctor.Proper diagnosis can be fruitful in this regard. It will help you get treated in the right way. Miscarriages can be because of the hormonal disturbance. Weak reproductive system can be a cause. In many women the womb is not strong enough either to hold the blessing. The ovarian deficiencies can be another reason behind the miscarriages. Reproductive diseases like the PCOS also lead to miscarriages. If you want the problem to be treated wisely it is important to treat miscarriages seriously.


page12 - June 22

hey there! I hope you are doing great. miscarriage is a huge loss. I miscarried twice. I had endometriosis. but I went for TTC anyways. I was really disappointed after finding out that I will never be able to have a baby of my own. I was devastated and I used to cry a lot. but then I decided to go for surrogacy. surrogacy was amazing for me. we moved to Ukraine for surrogacy. when going for surrogacy you should look for the right clinic. some frauds like Adrion is clinic and Lotus surrogacy clinic are not interested in our good. be aware guys.


Isla28 - June 24

Hello dear, I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are very hard to overcome. Every woman wants to have babies. Motherhood is really a blessing. You should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing. And surrogacy is mostly successful. And be careful Lotus and Adios are not good clinics. I was a sportswoman. And I was infertile. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was was with me all the time. We both wanted a baby badly. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic. The clinic where I had surrogacy was the best clinic I must say. The staff was so supportive. It is a great blessing for every couple to have babies. Now I have a baby and it feels great.



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