Pregnant Without HCG?

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Libel1 - April 12

Im concerned something is wrong...


I had unprotected sex with my ex-fiancé end of November. I was on birth control but realized way too late that end of October/beginning of November I didn't take the pill for 10 days (because of many reasons, thats not the point). 


Around mid-December I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, I started vomiting every morning and 3-4 nights/week. Beginning of January, my ex told me to take a HPT, it was negative. 


I lost a lot of weight (25 lbs to this day). I'm still throwing up every morning and a few nights/week, food make me nauseous, I don't want to eat that much. But my belly is pretty round. 


The unprotected sex I had was 23-24-25-26 of november, I had my period for 11 days which is unusual, starting December 2. 


January, February and march, I got very light period, 4 days, also unusual (usually 6-7 days). I always start my period the day after the last active pill, for the last 3 months, I've started 4 days after the last active pill and as I said it's very light. (I am still on the pill)


I am always nauseous, have bad heartburn, dizziness, lots of gas, headaches, cramping in my left ovary and uterus but no real pain, only discomfort. I am exhausted, I need to take naps in the afternoon. 

Since 2 days I wake up with dry blood in my nose ????

My breast have been sore but on and off, not bigger I believe and not always sensitive. 


Beginning of march, i bought another pregnancy test because my friend told me I look pregnant and have a lot of symptoms. 

It was very faint positive. Sooo I bought 3 more and they were all negatives. 

(I had another positive but that one I think it was an evap line so It doesn't count as a positive)


I went to the doctor march 27, he told me there's no way that I am pregnant, if I was, all the tests would have been positive. He won't even make a blood test. 


Around what would have been week 14, I started to feel something very low in my belly, like bubbles, reminds me of a soda. Well I think I'm just crazy and its gas. 


I would be around 19 weeks by now (not sure it's been a few weeks since last time I counted). I'm feeling something weird. I'm always feeling "full". I also feel something like "muscle spasms" or pressure on one side of the belly. Its pretty strange. 


This morning I took what I said would be the LAST pregnancy test because its driving me crazy! And surprise! Still negative!


I tell myself that there's no way I can be pregnant because of the negative tests. But still always have that thought because of the symptoms and the feelings I have. 


I have read that women with pcos (I have PCOS) could have a "cryptic pregnancy " because of the hormone imbalance? 


Has anyone had an experience like that? I'm crazy right?? Hahaha


Im going to the doctor in 2 weeks because he wants to check if I'm still throwing up every days and have some test for my stomach. 





Libel1 - April 12

I want to add that even if I lost 25lbs, i still wear the same jeans that I did before and I always have to "unzip" when I sit because I can't stand it on my belly. 

And also I do take a diuretic every day for pcos


Grandpa Viv - April 13

Lib, this definitely should be checked out. Something other than pregnancy is messing with you, perhaps an oversized cyst. Tell the doc about the weight loss too. 



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