I Am 42 Trying To Conceive

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lara42 - February 22

Hello Everyone, I am glad I found this site. After I read many success stories for woman at age 42 getting pregnant my hopes are high again. I am 42 years old woman. I have a son who is 12. I remarried a year ago to a wondefrful man. We have been trying for a baby. My doctor put me in clomid and I am ovulating everymonth. I do follecular tracking each month and we have intercourse every night around ovulation time and at ovulation, but no luck so far! I am going to see a feritlty doctor and discuss options and treatment. Any advise or a word of hope, I would really appreciate from you.


Karen E - February 23

Hi Lara - I raised a question yesterday ent_tled "Any successful pregnancies around over 40?" and haven't had a reply yet. I haven't really read too many success stories but I think maybe it is the people having problem pregnancies, or problems getting pregnant that look for answers. I just turned 43 and was pregnant last month, but unfortunately I miscarried 3 weeks ago. It was actually by accident that I got pregnant but after being pregnant I find now that I am obsessed with having one. I too am newly married, and although we have 3 children between us, we don't have one of our own. He told me he doesn't want to adopt so I guess if I want us to share a child I will have to try to get pregnant this time. Can I ask why you went on Clomid? Did you try for quite some time without it? Just wondering how regular your cycles were before you went on Clomid? My cycles are 28 days to the minute and I did get pregnant purely by accident but I am wondering if it was a "fluke" at my age. I guess I am more worried about it sticking once I do get pregnant. So much to think about over 40!! Very stressful. Good luck to us!!


homegirl - February 23

Hi Lara,I am 43 nd have been married 6mths. My husband has 3 childen, and I have 2,but we don't have any together.We have been trying for some timeand nothing happened. I went to see my GP and he arranged for me to see a Gynaecologist. I had many test done and evry thing was fine. My husband had a sperm test done ,and it was good. I also had an HSG in Sept.2005 to see if my tubes were blocked and it was not. I then got pregnant in Nov.but had a miscarriage at the end of Jan. this year.I was taking follic acid and the nurse told me to continue taking it.Iam not giving up yet.If you really want to get pregnant, then go for it. Good luck to you.


lara42 - February 23

Hi karen , Thanks for replying. The reason the doctor put me on clomid because I was not ovulationg but my cycles were regular but now with clomid my cycle is not regular. Best of luck to you.


lara42 - February 23

Hi homegirl, I am keeping my hopes high but I am obssessed with pregnancy idea and wish I can stop thinking about it all the time. I went and bought prenatal vitamins today and I am gonna start taking it because it has follic acid and may increase the chance of pregnancy. Best of luck to you!


Sylvie28 - February 23

Hi...Im 42 and just found out on valentines day that im finally preg. Been trying for a year...m/c'd in April. Ive been married for 18 years and have 3 kids age: 15, 13, 8. Im really excited. Im 6 weeks along today. My best friend gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl on dec.1st. She is 43. Good luck.


Bethpi - February 23

Hi Ladies, I am 42 years old and am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I had a m/c in August. I also have only 1 tube due to an ectopic many years ago....so only ovulate every other month. My first appt is next week for the u/s to see the heartbeat and measurements. I am on pins and needles..I was also using the clear blue easy fertility monitor...that certainly helped!! good luck everyone!!


lara42 - February 23

Hi Sylvie28, I just want to ask if you tried to go to ferility treatment or natural pregnancy. My best wishes to yuo and to your baby!


lara42 - February 23

Hi Bethpi , Congratulation and best of luck with your baby. Hope everything will go very well with you. You gave me hope and I thank you for that because I have been feeling really down lately. May I ask you if you went under any fertility treatment before getting pregnant? any advise you may have?


MarthaP - April 3

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jasonjessica3 - March 4

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peacerick752 - October 28

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