Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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Blondiee - May 8

Is It Possible For Me To Get Pregnant Exactly 7 Days After My Ovulation Day ??


Plshelp - May 27

Okay so I slept with a guy a couple nights ago and I'm not sure if he came inside me because we were drunk. I will start my period sometime next week and I am freaking out because I don't know and I don't want to ask him if he did, I just want to know if it is possible that I could get pregnant? Reading this is kind of freaking me out because some say I could and some say its not possible :s I just need to know if its possible.


Grandpa Viv - May 27

Ovulation is usually about 14 days before the expected period and the egg is only good for one day. You are very unlikely to get pregnant from s_x 7 days before the expected period.


CynthiaAKAchikibabe - June 2

Hi i have a question that I would like someone to help me with. My partner and I are trying to have another child. I usually get my period every 3wks give or take a few days! I had my last period on the 6th of may we had unprotected s_x on the 21st of maya week or so before I was due for my next period on the week I was meant to get my period I was spotting and had this brown dish charge then got my well I think I got my period on the 30th had it for two days then now just brown dish charge! I took a home test just before what I think was my period but came back neg! Could it be possible that I could be pregnant? Plz help! Should I take another test?


CynthiaAKAchikibabe - June 2

My periods usually last 4/5days never just two days!


daybrightsunshine - June 3

I need your thoughts please please. I have almost the same concern. I have been taking diane35 mainly for my skin as I am acne-prone for more than 5 years. I decided to stop I think last April because I cannot handle the side effects anymore. I did cold Turkey, meaning I stopped right away and did not finish the whole pack. I just cant remember what date exactly. I am currently taking saw palmetto and nettle leaf to fight acne and so far it is working. Anyway, I took the last pack last April 28 when I had my period. After a few days I stopped taking any, like I said, I went cold turkey on it. May 12, I had another period! I was guessing it was because I stopped Diane and my hormones went crazy. May 21 and May 23 or 24, I had unprotected s_x. Then another one just last Saturday, June 1. I am not sure when I will have my period as I had it twice. If I will base it on the last one which was May 12, I am supposed to have another period June 9. SO in total, I had 3 unprotected s_x. Not sure as well about my ovulation but I know that there is mucus when we had s_x. It is now June 3 and I am just wondering if there is a possibility that I could be pregnant? I know I am supposed to wait til I miss my period but I am not sure when I will really have my period. Plus the thought just keeps playing in my head as it is the first time I have had unprotected s_x and ejaculation was inside, three times after I stopped the pills. No symptoms perhaps bec it is too early to tell. It has only been a few days since the first intercourse which was May 21. And last one was just 2 days ago. Just noticed I am always tired and sleepy, short of breath and urination is frequent. Not sure if it is possible to feel these at an early stage. I did a PT yesterday coz I was so curious but came out negative. Maybe bec it is too early to tell. Could I be pregnant? Until today, I have white mucus inside me. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!


Events01 - August 15

Hi, Im wondering if anyone can help my situation atm, I have just found out that im pregnant. I had my period around the date of the 22nd June- 25th June. I slept with a guy twice on the 26th of June and a different guy once on July 1st. I am trying to find out who the dad is but I have no idea.. Help would be much appreciated! 


Nhezsah - September 7

My friend and her bf had s_x 6days before her period. Is it possible for her to get pregnant if he got period after six days of intercourse?


Grandpa Viv - September 7

The ten days or so before an expected period are not in the fertile window. If she got her period as expected she is not pregnant..


Mcgee29 - January 26

I need help I'm trying to get pregnant I started my period nob 14 ended nov 21 December started my period on the 22nd now it's Jan and I have 5 days left to have my period can I be pregnant 


Mcgee29 - January 26

I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter I didn't even no I was because I went to the doc and did test blood work I'm was confused on how it didn't pop up


Sara18 - March 27

Hi, Can you get pregnant 4days after your period? 


Grandpa Viv - March 28

Sara, cycle day 9 is inside the fertile window. Sperm might last inside you as much as 5 days until ovulation cycle day 14 (of 28). You can take Plan B up to 72 hours after the incident to minimize the chance of pregnancy. The Plan B will mess with the timing of your next menstruation.


DarkWildWaters - September 4

I'm new here and found this thread while google searching.
I am 36 and my husband and I have been trying for 2 years. We had a missed miscarriage in September last year followed by D&C. Before the miscarriage, my normal cycle was 28 days with 6-8 day period, lots of cramping, bloating and discomfort. After miscarriage, no period for 4 months then from January this year my cycle started at 24 days with 4-5 day periods with severe cramping. My cycle has stayed regular at 24-25 days with 4-5 days period and 1 heavy day with cramps since January until now. No BFP in this time despite trying to get fertile and ovulation dates exactly right. I got my "period" 3 days ago on day 25 of my cycle, but it was brown discharge on day 1 (very light, no cramping or discomfort at all), day 2 was a bit more discharge so I used a tampon but on removal of tampon, it was slightly stained darkish red/brown. Day 3 which is today, NOTHING, no discharge, no spotting, no cramping. I have been exhausted beyond explanation for a week (which I kept thinking was just because of my job, stress etc) I have also had a headache for a week. Did preg test today, it's negative. I'm so confused, my last gynae checkup was 3 months ago, he says I'm perfectly healthy.

It's been an exhausting ride after miscarriage to wait for BFP every month and get hopes up and then be dissapointed. But I have never in my life had a 2 day "period" (<< pretend period). So now I guess I wait again... and soooooo tired. PS. sore boobs today... but I dare not excited.

Signed with love, hope and exhaustion <3



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