Need Answers Before I Get Knocked Up

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Grandpa Viv - May 14

Hi Saydie, I'm happy you are still reporting. You might want to Google "pregnancy week by week" to see what is going on in there. You are now at the end of the first trimester and your fingers may be able to feel the uterus growing up above the level of your pubic bone.

What a good idea of Sharron's to find you a baby to practice on. Shouldn't Jimmy be practicing on it too? Is it not his child as much as yours, and if his family ends up caring for the baby while you go back to your normal life, won't he be expected to share in the baby minding?

You are being very responsible and I'm proud of the job you are doing.  I can see you are clinging to the hope that you will be able to take the baby home. Sharron's offer is so generous, helpful and convenient I hope you are able to accept it. Can you psych yourself into thinking of it as a baby you are carrying for her? That might make the pain of separation less upsetting.


saydie1202 - May 27

I'm 12 now had a good birthday.  Sharron got me lots of new maternity clothes and Jimmy said he will try and help. I'm starting to get a cute round little belly.  Hope I don't get too big .  I go Jimmy's house and his mom is helping me learn to take care of a baby.  makes me feed him, change him, give him a bath, get him dressed, do my school work, feed the baby, do more school work, get baby ready to go to the store, help fix dinner.  Sharron is teaching me how to cook. Caring for a baby is a lot of work, seems little all I do is feed, change the baby, study and then go home to do my chores.  Mom still won't talk about bring the baby home.  Doctor said i'm doing good for being only 12 years old.  Said he had a 11 year old last year and she had a health baby just keep doing what he tells me  and doing my sugar and pressure tests, take my vitimans and iron and I will have a bueatiful health baby in six months



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