Baby Furniture Catalog

Maybe you're old enough to remember having the Sears-Roebuck Catalog delivered to your house. What fun it was to sit down and go through it, page by delicious page, savoring the items and wishing for something that caught your eye. The little kids loved the Christmas catalog that came and were sure to mark off the pages that held the treasures they hoped to receive. Are catalogs a thing of the past? Actually, no, they're still used to sell the products they hold within their pages.

The Famous Ikea Catalog - Baby Ikea

One of the more familiar catalogs is the Ikea catalog wherein you will find pages of furniture, bedding, glassware and house wares. Baby Ikea is a delightful compilation of all things Ikea that are designed for baby. You can choose bedding, beds, cribs, dressers, and rugs, curtains, and lamps for the nursery without leaving your home. After you've "shopped" and made your choices, a trip to Ikea with the Baby Ikea catalog in hand makes finding the pieces you're after quick and easy.

Nursery Furniture Catalogs

The Pottery Barn has a delicious catalog of their products and you can obtain their baby furniture catalog upon request. The Pottery Barn is a higher-end store where you can purchase nursery furniture, bedding, and accessories for your baby's nursery. The products are well made and beautiful. Babies R Us have a catalog that features all of their items and is broken down into nursery furniture, clothing, toys, and all sorts of other fun items. - Check It Out

An internet site you can go to where nursery furniture catalogs are available is You can request a specific catalog that features the particular items and manufacturers you are interested in. It's an excellent way to shop for items that interest you and to compare prices on furnishings, clothing, and nursery items. Most manufacturers of nursery furniture have a catalog you can browse to see what their offerings are and their price ranges. If you know the name of the producer of nursery furniture or baby clothing that interests you, you can check them out on the internet and very often either view their baby nursery catalog or baby clothing catalog online, or order it from the company directly.

Babies Dream Furniture Company has a great site that shows you all of the items they sell, and they also list their locations. By browsing the site, which is an online catalog, you can choose items that are of interest to you and then see them live when you go into their store. You can also order online and have the items shipped to you.

To Shop or Not

Some people wonder if it is better to shop in person or online. That really does depend upon how you like to shop. If getting out to a store is a hassle for you, then shopping online or shopping from a catalog offers you the opportunity to view the items and purchase them without having to go out. The upside is that it's fast and easy. However, sometimes what you see in a picture isn't quite the way the item looks. If you really want to see something, the best way is "in the flesh". Having said that, sometimes the location of the showroom is inconvenient - so you may end up purchasing online or over the phone regardless.

Check The Return Policy

When it comes to ordering baby clothing from a catalog, sizing can be a bit tricky. If you know for certain that the size you are ordering will fit, or the baby will grow into the item in a short time, then you're good to go. But, babies grow quickly and sometimes an order gets way-laid and the goods don't arrive until after the baby has outgrown them. Of course, you'll want to check the return policy in the catalog or at the site before you make a purchase of any sort. If they don't offer the kind of return policy you can live with, then don't place an order.

In the meantime, enjoy browsing through the catalog. You'll be amazed at the great ideas you can get from just looking.

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