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When Choosing Bedding...

When it comes to choosing bedding for your baby, toddler, or older child - or yourself for that matter - quality and comfort are probably a high priority. These days, with the lean toward green, many people are also considering the effects of non-organic substances upon their lives and on the environment. As a result, there has been tremendous growth in the manufacture and retailing of organic clothing, bedding, and mattresses and, as those who use these products will affirm, they are superior to most non-organic fabrics.

...Choose Organic

Nontoxic, natural and organic baby crib bedding and mattresses, bedding for kids' bunk beds and twin beds, ensures your children are sleeping in a healthy environment. The mattresses are filled with 100% organic cotton, they're waterproof, and meet all of the flammability standards. Naturepedic brand organic mattresses are recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World and contain no toxic chemicals, vinyl, or polyurethane foam.

Babies and little kids aren't the only ones who need protection from toxic substances in clothing, bedding and kids' furniture. Teens and adults are susceptible to health issues from toxic fibers and fabrics as well. Whatever style the beds are in your home, you can find organic bedding and mattresses for them.

Special Types Of Beds and Bedding

The platform bed, often associated with Japanese designing, consists of a raised, flat, hard, surface that supports a mattress, usually a thinner one. If you're used to a soft mattress, this one probably isn't for you, however, those who do sleep on this type of bed find their bodies respond well to the firmness. Bedding for platform beds is available in any mattress size you choose. Since the mattress is thinner than the conventional type, bedding for a platform bed is bound around the edges with elastic in order to secure a tight fit.

Another type of mattress that requires a specific fit is the adjustable mattress. When buying bedding for adjustable beds, whether regular cotton or organic cotton, double check the size of the sheets to ensure they are not too narrow. The width for a single adjustable bed is 30 inches wide to 39 inches wide by 74 inches long. The larger bedding for queen beds is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Don't try to fit a sheet that is too narrow onto an adjustable mattress - you may tear it. Take it back and get the right size if it is too small.

Kids' Furniture - Twin or Single Mattress Are the Rule

Most children's mattresses fit a twin size bed, and this size fits a wide variety of frame designs. Whether you purchase bedding for a sleigh bed or bedding for a canopy bed, the chances are the mattress size will be a single or twin size. This is the most common size mattress for children's beds and bedding is very easy to find. There are several organic outlets that feature infant and children's organic mattresses and bedding, including places like Satara Home and Baby Store, Momma's Baby, and Green and Healthy Baby. If you're looking for organic bedding for a queen bed or bedding for mattresses that fit adult beds, Yes It's Organic and The Ultimate Green Store are great places to shop.

Make Sure It's Certified

Natural cotton, wool, and 100% organic cotton flannelette are all excellent choices for bedding for any age group. Bamboo is also a good choice, however, the cotton tends to be more appropriate for bedding. When an item is advertised as 100% organic, check to see that it is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) to make sure that what you are getting is free of pesticides and toxins, and produced under the strictest environmental and animal welfare standards.

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