Crib Bedding Information

When thoughts go toward preparing the nursery for the new baby, most often they tend toward baby bedding sets. Crib bedding is one of the first nursery décor purchases made, and the pattern or theme says a lot about the parent's personality. If the gender of the baby is known, then boy crib bedding sets or those for little girls will guide the theme. If the baby's gender is not known, then purchasing neutral crib bedding sets, or those that are not gender specific are best.

Finding the Best for Less

You can find baby bedding that is very affordable, and then there is the luxury crib bedding and linen that can set you back a fair amount of money. Discount crib bedding sets can be found at end of the season or at discontinued lines sales. You can pick up quality crib bedding for a fraction of the price at baby crib bedding stores or outlet stores. What a treat to be able to find the exact theme or style you're after in top quality cotton for less than you'd pay at a designer store. Staying within a budget can sometimes be difficult, especially when you see some of the gorgeous crib bedding and baby bedding sets available from such places as The Pottery Barn Kids selections. But having to stay within a budget need not take away from the fun of decorating your baby's nursery.

Make a Plan First

As you make plans for your shopping trip, scout out prices, styles, colors, and themes on the internet, in specialty shops, like Baby Depot, and in discount stores. Check out the pictures in the great parents' magazines for ideas for boy crib bedding sets, or lacy little girl sets of baby bedding. There are so many wonderful patterns and designs that are unisex, too. Even if you know your baby's gender, you may opt for one of the plaid or striped crib bedding sets. So many great color combinations are available, they can make you drool. Gender neutral crib bedding sets are the best bet when you don't know the baby's gender - or, if you have twins, then neutral crib bedding sets make sense if one is a boy and the other a girl. Once you've chosen the bedding theme and colors, then you can pick your paint and the fun begins in earnest.

Today's crib bedding sets and baby accessories are available in any number of familiar comic book, cartoon, and Disney story characters. The patterns are bright colors and vivid portrayals of some of the characters you may have grown up with - Road Runner, Mickey Mouse, or Dr. Seuss. There's no reason why you can't share them with your baby. The bright colors and lively characters can keep baby's attention for quite a while. Once the theme is established and the colors picked, the furniture, window treatments and floor coverings will follow. The crib bedding tends to be the inspiration for the balance of the nursery.

Buy Organic For Baby's Safety and Comfort

The best and safest fabric for your baby's bedding is 100% cotton that is machine washable. However, it's important to know that not all cottons are created equal. The difference between luxury bedding and cheap baby bedding comes to the surface when you begin checking thread count. The higher the thread count, the better the fabric. It is unsafe to put your baby in crib bedding that requires dry cleaning - the chemicals are deadly. To keep your baby totally safe when it comes to crib bedding, choose organic baby bedding made from 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), pesticide free and all natural. Baby's delicate skin can be irritated with other types of fabrics or cottons that are non-organic. Why take a chance with your baby's safety and comfort?

Products like Pure and Honest Kids, Go Green Baby, Nayla Natural Care or Green for Baby are just a few of the organic labels you may be able to find in Baby Depot or The Pottery Barn Kids. If you can't find them there, check on the internet for places close to you - or order them directly from the web.


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