Used Baby Furniture

Probably most of us can remember the stories told about the rocking chair that sits in the nursery and how it once belonged to Grandma. "That's the same chair I sat and rocked you in, and now you're rocking your baby in it." And, so the story goes...

It's A Family Tradition

Passing baby furniture down to the next generation is a tradition in many families, and it certainly is a useful one when you consider the price of nursery furniture. Used baby furniture can be refurbished and made to fit into a nursery quite easily. Let's face it, who of us doesn't like to boast in the possession of a piece of furniture that's been in the family for generations? By using baby furniture sets that have been passed down you are not only enjoying family treasures, you're saving money, too. However, not everyone has the luxury of receiving baby treasures from the family, and they have to purchase the nursery furniture outright.

Shopping the Sales

Since nursery furniture can be quite costly, one of the best ways to buy baby furniture at a discount is to watch for sales in baby furniture stores. In order to do this effectively though, you have to be good at planning ahead. Do the research and comparison shopping a few months ahead of when you plan to buy (and long before you need the furniture), and decide what pieces you plan to purchase. Do you need a full baby furniture set or just a crib and dresser? Will a rocker be part of the purchase? Make a list of the things you want to have in the nursery and then search out the stores that carry the products you like. Once you have found some furniture sources, watch these stores for sales. Many furniture stores have mailing lists so you can get a flyer in the mail announcing an upcoming sale. It's a great way to buy baby furniture and accessories like baby bedding and bumper sets at discounted prices.

Furniture outlets are another source for savings. Outlet centers often have Baby Depot or other box-style outlets stores where you can often get brand names at great prices. This may be one of the first places you'll want to check out for baby furniture discounts. If a physical store is too far away from where you live, then try searching the internet for the items you're interested in. The manufacturers often have a website and many of the box stores have online ordering as well.

Yard Sales Hit the Mark

It goes without saying that garage and yard sales are perfect places to pick up great deals on all sorts of things - including used baby furniture. If there is a special "baby yard sale" going on anywhere near you, take advantage of it. Often, groups of neighborhood moms, or moms' groups from the YWCA, La Leche, or Moms of Multiples collectively put on a huge sale of baby things. This is one of the best ways to find true bargain furniture. Another place to check out used baby furniture is in the local classifieds or on internet community boards.

Proceed with Caution on Used Cribs

A big caution comes with purchasing used baby cribs. Overall, it isn't a good idea because an older crib may not meet newer safety guidelines for baby cribs. It's best to purchase a new baby crib that is certified by Junior Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA) - it is much safer that way. If, however, you do decide to purchase a used baby crib, then heed the following cautions: Make sure the crib was built within the past five years and that it comes with a full set of instructions. Inspect it thoroughly to ensure all of the parts are there and that they have been properly installed. The most important thing to do then is to check the CPSC website for the most recent update of crib safety requirements and make sure the crib meets that standard. Check also for crib recalls to ensure the model you're buying isn't listed.

Safety is paramount in a crib - especially since it is the only place you will leave your precious child alone.

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