Bugaboo Strollers

Innovation and Mobility - A Great Combination

If you've never seen one, rush right down to your local baby gear specialty shop and check one out. They are truly amazing. We're talking about the Bugaboo Baby Strollers. The company was started by Max Barenbrug, an honors graduate of the Design Academy of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1994. This guy has a lot on the ball - or at least on the move. Their information says that Bugaboo means mobility, and when you see the incredible number of ways these strollers can be manipulated, you'll get the picture loud and clear. In 1999, Eduard Zanen, a doctor and entrepreneur joined with Max because he shared his vision. The refining of one of Max's concepts resulted in the original Bugaboo stroller. Function, form and safety are the standards of these products. They've worked hard to rid the products of complexity and get down to the nitty gritty of essence to create harmony. Brilliant. Talk about unique baby gifts. If you and a bunch of friends are pitching in together to get an outstanding gift for a friend or relative - then this is your number.

Part of the mission statement of the Bugaboo Mobility Company, headquartered in Amsterdam, is, "to excite every person on the move. For parents, that means having the ability to get out and explore the world with your child. In the city, through the woods and over sand and snow, Bugaboo wants to help you go." The innovative, creative, brilliant ideas that are melded into the Bugaboo line of strollers fulfill this statement exactly. The company says that, "innovative technology, intuitive function, molecular construction, frog-like suspension, and an intelligent central axis are just a few of the things that set Bugaboo apart." They're right.

The Bugaboo Cameleon

The Bugaboo Cameleon stroller comes fully-loaded with everything the company offers for strollers. With Bugaboo strollers, you are able to customize the stroller to exactly what you want. So, you get to choose the color and the type of fabric used in its construction. The seat or bassinet, even how high the handlebars are set is your decision. This is a totally modular stroller, easy to switch around and put up and down. The seat and bassinet are reversible and independent which means you can turn them away from you, for your baby to see the world, or toward you for the intimacy of parental contact. Everything adapts and changes with a click.

One of the really neat things about the Bugaboo Cameleon is the small swivel wheels in front that are particularly great in the city, where you have to navigate small, tight spaces - and you can do it with one hand. The suspension is great and as a result, the ride is really smooth. If you're on rough roads, then reversing the handlebar so that the big wheels are in front makes the ride easy and bumps are no problem. Sand and snow are no problem when you click into the two wheel position. It's like a mini-Jeep with all-wheel drive.

The Bugaboo Bee

The Bugaboo Bee is designed for families who tend toward being airborne - always on the go and needing something that is modern, compact, mobile, quick and easy to set up and take down. This one-piece foldable stroller is the best when there isn't a lot of space. It's slim enough to fit through the tightest downtown street crowd and collapses down to fit into a very small space. There are so many different positions and adjustments on this little stroller that it takes your breath away. It collapses, the seat reverses (like the Cameleon), the backrest adjusts and the sun canopy does as well. The seat extends to allow for the growth of the baby and it reclines into one of three different positions - and you only need one hand to get all of this going on. Use a Bugaboo stroller accessory like the baby cocoon to ensure the comfort of the baby and then remove it when baby is toddler-size. It can adapt to infant and car seats as well.

Bugaboo parts and accessories are available wherever the products are sold. Check them out on the internet - you'll love them.

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