Baby Development

As your baby grows, every month will be characterized by new developmental milestones, whether physical, mental, or social. As a parent, you will experience the joys of watching your child cross these various stages, from your baby’s first movements to her first smiles and giggles, and learning how to speak.

Indeed, the first year of your child's life is a time of tremendous changes on both a small and large scale. Read some general guidelines that can help parents trace their child's progression through developmental milestones within the first year following birth.

As a parent, you have the responsibility of helping your child through these various staged. Learn how to identify when your child is ready for potty training, and the steps you can take to help them on their way.

While the rate of physical development is decreased following the first twelve months of your baby's life, your child is constantly growing both emotionally and cognitively. Learn about the stages of toddler development and get some tips on activities that can encourage skill development during the second and third years of your child’s life.

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