Celebrity Shower Games

Games that involve celebrities are often a good choice because people usually have the same knowledge about them.

These games can be played by small groups, where guests can enjoy the game individually, or for large groups, where guests can be divided into groups.

  • I Know Who That Is!: For this game, you'll need to get ready in advance of your party. Go through any magazines or newspapers that you have and cut out pictures of famous people. It can be movie stars, athletes, or even political figures. Paste them onto a poster board and have your guests try to name all the famous faces. Try to have at least two poster boards with at least 10 pictures on each. And be sure to keep a master list of who these faces belong to so you know who the winner of the game is!
  • Baby Boom: For this game, players will need to list as many names of babies born to celebrities within the last year. If you want to make it really tough, then have the players come up with a famous baby name for each letter of the alphabet. You might also want to set a time limit to make it more fun.
  • Baby Boom 2: In this game, you will provide your guests with a list of famous moms. Players will then have to come up with the name of the celebrity baby. You could also provide the names of the baby, so that players just have to link the two.
  • TV Babies: Give each of your guests (or each group) a piece of paper with a list of television shows on them. You can use both current and older shows to get everyone's brain thinking. For each show, players have to name the children on the show (their character's name, not their real names). For example, if you had "The Brady Bunch," the answer would be Cindy, Jan, Marsha, Bobby, Peter, and Greg.

Gift Giving Games

If you want to liven things up a bit when it comes time for the mom-to-be to open her shower gifts, here are some games that will have guests anxious for her to get to the next gift.

  • Bottles, Booties, BINGO!: This is a fun version of bingo that your guests play while the future mom is opening up her presents. Just before she starts opening the gifts, hand out blank bingo cards to your guests. In each square, have your guests write down one present that they think the guest of honor will be receiving. You can make a free square in the middle, if you like. As the gifts are opened, guests cross out each correct answer they put down. They first one to get a line, wins!
  • Timed Gift: If the bingo game seems like too much work, then here is a simpler game to play while the presents are opened. All you need for this is a timer and some cheap prizes. Let your guests know that you will set the timer for a certain amount of time (say, every two minutes if you have a small gathering; five minutes if it's a bigger group). When the timer goes off, whomever's present the mom-to-be is opening wins a prize. Keep resetting the timer until all the presents are opened.

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