Symptoms of Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

Depending upon your age and how many children you have already given birth to, your symptoms may differ in intensity and severity. Younger mothers and first-time mothers tend to experience more breast discomfort.

Here are some symptoms that you may experience:

  • increase in breast size by up to two cup sizes
  • noticeable veins crisscrossing your breasts
  • highly sensitive nipples
  • burning or throbbing pain in the breasts
  • heaviness in the breasts
  • tingly or itchy breasts and nipples
  • throbbing or tingling breasts during intercourse

How to Take Care of Your Tender Breasts

Breast tenderness can really get you down sometimes, so here are some tips on keeping those breasts nice and comfortable.

  • Wear bras that fit properly. Go to a professional at your department or maternity store to get measured.
  • Try to buy cotton bras, which will allow your breasts to breathe more easily.
  • Avoid underwire bras – they can cut into your breasts and restrict blood flow to the area.
  • When you exercise, buy a bra designed specifically for working out in.
  • If your breasts are sore at night, try wearing a cotton sleep bra.
  • Consider buying a bra that is a couple of sizes larger than you need at the moment. This will allow you to grow into it.
  • Take a warm bath to relieve swelling.
  • If your breasts feel hot or are throbbing, apply a cool facecloth to the area.


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