Developing a Working Birth Plan

Having a baby today is a cooperative effort and can involve a host of people. Of course the pregnant couple and the birth assistants, such as doctor, doula, or midwife are a given, but there may also be guests on the scene to welcome the new arrival. In order for things to go as hoped, a working birth plan is a good thing to have as a guide. Birth plans are almost an expected item when it comes to hospital deliveries, and with today's plethora of helpful internet sites, it is simple to obtain a printable birth plan that fits the bill.

What's To Plan?  We're Having A Natural Birth

The idea of a birth plan is to help those who come in contact with you know more about what you would like to see happen during the labor and birth of the baby. Do you want pain intervention? Is it to be an epidural or would you prefer to have a natural birth with no interventions? These are important things for the hospital or maternity staff to know in order to make your birthing experience a good one. For instance, if you have a natural birth plan in place, then the nurses and doctors will know that you do not want any interventions for pain and that you plan to go through the labor and delivery that way. Also, for a natural birth plan, you would want to include whether you wanted an episiotomy or if there are certain measures you want used to avoid one.

What If The Birth Is Cesarean?

Since most expectant mothers plan their labor and delivery around a vaginal birth, they are more able to use a birth plan template that is conventional. Although a cesarean birth is mostly in the hands of the medical staff, there is still room for a cesarean birth plan to be formulated and used. It builds confidence and self-esteem in a woman to know she has had a part in the planning of a cesarean birth. By creating a c-section birth plan, a mother can ensure that she gets the things she wants. She can ask that her partner cut the cord and she can also ask to watch the birth. She can ask for specific people to be present in the OR and can also request a specific method of pain medication. The staff can be advised as to whether the baby will be breastfed immediately and if the baby is to be bathed right away or later on. Sample birth plans are available on the internet and certainly chatting with friends who have planned their births can give you a birth plan template of what they included.

What's Included in a Birth Plan?

A birth plan typically covers three major areas: what the wishes of the parents are during a normal labor and delivery; how they hope the baby will be treated immediately following and for the first while after the birth; and what the parents want should something unexpected happen. It's a good idea to talk with the health care professional before making any solid decisions about each of the options for birthing. Using a birth plan generator, a birth plan template can be printed out and filled in and then revised over time until it properly reflects the will and desires of the parents.

Sometimes the obstetrician or nurse-midwife, or the facility where the birth will take place, already has a birth plan template that can be filled out. If so, this plan can be used as a sample birth plan while questions are asked to determine if the method of treatment is consistent with what the parents want. If their methodologies are out of sync with yours, then it's okay to look for another venue.

Blessed Are The Flexible...

It is also important to be flexible with a birth plan. Don't be too hasty and throw the entire plan out because a part of it doesn't meet your expectations. Insurance coverage, costs, even geography all play into the plan so focus on the areas that are most important to you and work with them. While you may have a plan for your birth, checking with the doctor may provide reasons to change the plan.

Whatever you decide - you can make it the best delivery possible by planning ahead.

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