Poems for Expectant Mothers

The Magic of Pregnancy

There is something entirely magical about being pregnant. Those few weeks and days before birth stir an awakening as the expectant mother feels the slower, more laborious movements of her baby preparing to exit the womb. The once frantic and sometimes rather painful tumbles and turns that were so much a part of the pregnancy change as the baby grows. Drawing nearer the time of delivery, a woman's thoughts tend toward the little one inside of her, the baby's delivery and safety throughout the entire birthing process. Depending upon where a woman is in terms of her spirituality, she may find herself praying or meditating upon the upcoming birth.

Saint Gerard - Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers

In the Catholic faith, there is a patron saint of expectant mothers - Saint Gerard. Those adherents to the faith may pray the prayer of a safe delivery for their babies and utter a prayer for motherhood for themselves. St. Gerard Majella was born in Muro, Italy, in 1726 and had a gift of reading consciences, the faculties of levitation and bi-location that was associated with certain mystics. He is invoked as the patron to expectant mothers subsequent to a miracle that was performed as a result of his prayers for a woman in labor. It is possible to access the Prayer for Expectant Mothers online.

No Corner on Prayer

Many faiths have prayers for expectant mothers. In Judaism the Ashkenazic tradition has many "techinot" or prayers for women to recite during pregnancy and childbirth. Yet, being involved in a specific religion is not necessary in order to pray prayers for expectant mothers. There are many wonderful prayers for expectant mothers that are not the domain of any one religion. The same applies to poems for expectant mothers. One need not look very far to find wonderful books of poems written to, for, about and by, expectant mothers. These prayers and poems often bring a sense of peace and intimacy to a woman during her pregnancy. Books of poems that can be found in libraries and on book shelves in the homes of family and friends, often have expectant mothers content in them. If you are searching for poems or prayers specifically for expectant mothers, then the library is the best place to search. Check the variety of books available for expectant mothers content. You're sure to find what you want.

Great Books for Expectant Mothers

Other than books of poetry, there are many great books for expectant mothers. Usually, when a woman discovers she is pregnant, she begins an all-out search for the best books for expectant mothers available. She is bound to be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices that will lie before her. Pregnancy is a time when millions of questions run through the mind of the expectant mother, and then there are always more questions after the birth of the baby. By having access to excellent books, an expectant mother can gain the confidence and inner power to meet pregnancy, birth, and the challenges of raising a family head-on. Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The Wisdom and Science of Gentle Choices in Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting is a current favorite written by Sarah J. Buckley. Another recent and very popular choice is The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, written by Ann Douglas. Both of these books are very well researched and written in an easy style, friendly and in some places humorous. Then, there's What to Expect When You're Expecting, the all-time favorite book on pregnancy and childbirth.

What's The Best Gift?

Shopping for an expectant mother can be challenging. Books make excellent gifts, providing insight, help, and in the case of books of poetry, comfort and solace. But, as pregnancy progresses, so does discomfort with tired backs and aching legs being a distraction from reading. To help with these issues, great expectant mother gifts include pregnancy massage and services that care for a pregnant woman's body. A glide rocker and footstool are wonderful for baby and mother to enjoy - but chances are the mother would enjoy them long before baby arrives. Cooking a meal of two for the expectant mother is a blessing - especially when the weight of pregnancy makes standing difficult.

Polls taken of the choice gifts for expectant mothers continues to put spa and massage at the top of the list. So, if there's a special expectant mother in your world, you can treat her with a massage and a great book - she'll love you for it.

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