Childbirth Preparation And Pain Management Centers

Specialized pain management centers are pain clinics that help patients to manage and overcome pain in a variety of ways. There are numerous ways in which patients can experience pain, and of course just as many different causes of pain itself; therefore treatments and pain management techniques vary greatly. In some cases, medical intervention, in the form of drugs or surgery (or both), is necessary. In other cases, however, methods of coping with or distracting a patient from his or her pain are sufficient.

For example, someone who suffers from ongoing craniofacial pain will need a long term strategy for pain management that allows her to lead as full a life as possible. Alternatively, someone who has pain in the center of the chest could be experiencing a heart attack, and may therefore require emergency medical treatment. The case of the pregnant woman is different. She's approaching childbirth and wants to learn some strategies for labor and delivery. Therefore she needs some specific tips for coping with pain over an intense period of several hours - not for years to come. Here too, pain research centers can come in handy.

Pain Centers And Childbirth

If you want to learn directly from a medically trained source about techniques such as hypnosis for childbirth or breathing techniques, then attending a pain clinic may be a good option for you. Not only should the medical staff there be able to counsel you on drug free childbirth, but they should also be able provide information on the types of drug interventions used during childbirth (for example, epidural or gas and air) and their effects on both you and your baby. All in all this allows you to make a more informed choice about the type of pain relief you want to have during labor.

Pain Clinics Versus Books And Childbirth Classes

Of course, many of the discoveries made by pain researchers and the techniques they use with their patients are often discussed on the internet and in pregnancy and childbirth books. This gives you some choice when looking for pain management tips for labor. Remember that pain centers often have patients suffering from lots of different types of pain, and may therefore not always be the best place to obtain pregnancy and childbirth specific pain information. You might be better off attending a Lamaze or Bradley Method childbirth course, which are taught around the country by trained instructors. Both these courses aim to empower women to make well informed choices about pain management during labor and delivery. Whereas Lamaze classes promote natural childbirth but state that a woman should request medical intervention if she feels she needs it, the Bradley Method's goal from the very outset is a completely natural delivery with no medical intervention at all.

Pregnancy Pains And Pain Management Centers

Aches and pains are a common "side effect" of pregnancy. It's normal to have sore breasts, headaches, and even chest pain (caused by pregnancy heartburn). Normally these aren't the type of pain problems that a pain management center (as opposed to your pregnancy doctor) can help you with. However, pain caused by trapped nerves during pregnancy might be something that a pain clinic could assist you with.

Pinched Nerves

Sometimes during pregnancy, pain in the back, legs and hips is caused by nerves becoming trapped or pinched. Pinched nerves are associated with increased abdominal girth (therefore pregnant women and people who are overweight are more likely to have them). Another reason why pregnant women may find that some nerves get trapped is that during pregnancy, hormones in your body loosen up your ligaments and joints, getting you ready to "open up" during childbirth. This makes it possible for you to twist your body beyond its normal limits. The result can be that limbs or joints get strained, and nerves become trapped. Pinched nerves during pregnancy can make it painful to sit in certain positions or even walk. Thankfully, the problem often resolves itself after the baby is born.


When a female patient is pregnant, doctors try as far as possible to relieve her discomfort without using drugs. Therefore techniques recommended by a pain clinic doctor may include massage, regular gentle exercise and better posture, among others. The advantage of being in contact with a pain center doctor is that if the pain becomes so severe that drugs or another form of medical intervention becomes necessary, your pain doctor in consultation with your obstetrician will be able to assess the risks and give a qualified opinion about the safety of the treatment options before you.

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