More natural remedies for treating dandruff naturally

•    Apple Cider Vinegar. After you have filled your cup with some (bottoms up!), make sure that you leave some aside for your scalp. Drench your scalp with apple cider vinegar and wrap your hair in a towel for an hour. Then wash it out.

•    Flaxseed Oil or Vitamin E Oil. Before going to bed, apply these oils directly to your scalp, sleep on it, and then wash it away in the morning. Just be sure that your favorite pillow is covered in a towel, as it tends to stain the fabric.

•    Olive Oil or Coconut Oil is a brilliant way of keeping your scalp (and your hair) fabulous. Apply it directly to your scalp (and even your hair) and keep it on for the day. Wash it out at night. This tip is a popular remedy in India.

•    Aloe Vera. Rub Aloe Vera directly to your scalp before you wash your hair and you’ll see some great results.
With these easy at home tips to help combat dandruff in pregnancy, you will be able to walk with your head held high; just like you did before pregnancy decided to wreak havoc on your scalp!

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