Adoption Where Do I Start

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MrsIke - September 20

I have a question for those who have adopted before. My dh and I have been trying over a year now, after a tubal reversal. We have had 2 m/c's and now my RE says that both my tubes are blocked....results from an HSG. Our option now is IVF, but my sister in law says that adoption (another option in lue of IVF) may cost about the same...Is this true? My dh is 40 and I 31, so time isnt on our side, and we are having doubts of IVF. We live in CA, so I wouldnt even know where to start looking. Any advice would be great.


steffie - September 28

i saw on the discovery channel this woman went to the doctor and there was some kind of test that put dye in your uterus to see if anything was blocking her fallopian tubes and there was nothing wrong go to the doctor and see or a fertiatiy place and see who does this procedure...and always pray pray pray...i promise it works!!!


SomedayMommy - October 3

MrsIke I have a girlfriend who adopted a beautiful baby boy there somewhat in your area. She lives in Rancho Santa Margarita. I will ask her the name of the agency and let you know. Total cost though for adoption was almost 20grand and that was with know specifics on gender or race. But you could spend that much in ivf and never have a child. My dh will be looking into adoption sometime in the beginning of next year I'm sure. We are not going to do ivf due to cost. I'll get back in touch with you though.


tynadu - October 3

MrsIke, the price will depend on the agency you go to and the race and age of the child. A white or mixed white child will cost a lot more than a black child and the wait is longer............. Also if you would like to adopt a child with special needs from the state then that is free. But it is rare to get a child under 5 years old from the state program.


julie2007 - October 18

hi mrs ike - i am so sorry to hear this news. i was just wondering how come i haven't seen you on the forum lately. i think you know i jsut had my 2nd m/c too - and it's tough. we looked into adoption - international was SUPER expensive - and if you do something thru like the LA county DSS it's almost nothing -- i can give you all the details i found if you want to email me -- newmercedes AT gmail DOT com --- i hope to hear from you - and i am wishing you good things ahead. i miss talking to you! - my best - julie


LChan - October 31

I've done four IVF cycles and have also attempted to adopt Internationally. IVF is much cheaper. Each IVF cycle cost us about $10k. We bought insurance for the first 3 cycles so we were only out of pocket a few thousand. Our fourth cycle was sucessful so we paid the entire $10k. Many insurance plans cover IVF. Our Int'l adoption was unsuccessful as the country we were adopting from closed their program to US residents. We were matched to a child and waiting to travel. Our out of pocket were about $18k. It would have been about $35k had we finalized the adoption.


Megs - December 17

I wish you ladies the best in your future family processes!!! I wanted to add that if you go through a private adoption agency, your costs will be higher and your wait probably longer. If you go through the state, your costs will be cheaper but the age of your child(ren) will be slightly older. If you are willing to adopt a "special needs" child, your costs will dramatically be cut and you may even qualify for state funded a__sistance for Dr. vists and such. Before anoyone says they do not want to adopt a "special needs" child, look at each and every states definition of special needs. In Oregon, a child that is considered special needs is one who not only has a physical or mental disability but also if they are a single child (no matter the race) of 6 years or older and if you have a sbiling group, at least one of them must be 5 years or older. Check out the logistics of a states definition as there are lots of "loop holes" in the adoption process, no matter how you approach it. And don't forget to account for the (in the USA) adoption tax break you get. I believe it is now like $10,000. I would have to double check but it's a nice chunk of money. Good luck to you all!!


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