After Years Of Infertility We Ve Decided To Adopt

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Cjsbabyblues76 - January 19

Can anyone tell me about the process, about how much it costs, if there are any age restrictions (we are 25). How much money do you have to make? DO you have to own a home or is it okay if you rent? Do adoption agencies allow payment plans or is it all upfront? Are their private agency financing options for it? I am very new to this and would like all the info and advice ya'll have to give. - Thank You


jilo77 - January 21

My oldest son is adopted from Korea. He is almost 3. It took 16 months from start to finish. He came home at 4 months. Every country is different. To adopt from Korea you need to be married for at least 3 years and must be over 25. Total cost for us was around $23,000. He is such an amazing child and we are so blessed to be his parents. We did have a bio son and are now pregnant again with a bio son. Doctors told me that I would not conceive on my own but lo and behold I did. I am so grateful, though for going through my infertility struggles because I never would have realized what a gift adoption is. I wish you all the best in the world. BTW- I went through Holt international.


jilo77 - January 21

I meant to say 25 or older. :)


Jairia - February 8

It's my understanding that you have to pay for everything prior to adopting. I'm not sure about payment plans. My husband and I decided to foster infants and toddlers as we couldn't afford adoption up front. We're in the process of adopting our foster child who we received when he was 8 months old. Funny thing is, we conceived after years of infertility and a m/c of twins the month that our little one came. Now we will have two blessings within a year's time. Good luck to you and dh.


Merciii - February 12

How can adoption have a price I just dont understand. All the wonderful people out there UTC that could provide a loving home for an abandoned child... but because 'they' wanna make 1000s out of it many cant afford it. Sick.


jilo77 - February 18

My adoption agency is a non profit agency. Bottom line is I paid the $$$ because there is so much paperwork and legalities to the whole process. Everything in my adoption not only had to go through the US emba__sy but the Korean emba__sy too. The employees that work there need to be paid. The people at the adoption agency get paid. Not to mention, you have to pay to have your fingerprints taken for background checks, pa__sport and visa payments, court fees, legal representation fees, etc. Adoption is costs money as does having a biological child. You pay to have the baby in a hospital, for the drugs you are administered, etc.


jennifer_33106 - February 22

I just wanted to add that I think it is a good thing that adoption costs. JMO but if it didnt then anyone could just go get a kid like a puppy at the pound you know? Someone who wanted to use the child for something would have an esier time. I think it is a good thing but I do agree that the prices are outragous. Its almost like they are selling kiddos. So sad.


tcrock02 - February 25

I too decided to foster after years of infertility. I gave birth to my son 3days before my 4 foster children were returned to their parents. God was lookng out for me. i have since adopted 5 children from the system. These children are not usually infants and may have some issues to deal with. But nothing that is extreme. My adoptions all were 100.00 in court costs and that was it. there are extended background checks and things like that. My children are 21, 19, 19, 16, 15, and 10. I love them all dearly. my 3 oldest have graduated from high school and 2 are in college. Adoption works. Good luck on yours.


pinkbo0tlace - February 28

every state in the USA , as well as countries are different - but in the USA you have to pa__s a "homestudy", as well... People will go through your home, inspect everything, you must have different tests done (medical, mental, etc) be finger printed, and nothing in your & your husbands criminal background. Income is a factor & so is owning a home.


tcrock02 - February 29

in our state (michigan)income is not a factor or the did we have to own a home. i was working part time and so was my husband at the time. we also rented.As for all the background checks the is true. They are really care ful not to place children into situations where they will someday revisit the system. But it is all worth it. The total process took 6 months. After our first adoption the others were pretty simple.


mclittle - September 28

Cjsbabyblues76 did you succeed to adopt? if not contact me at mclittle at yahoo dot com for adoption info


KellieandBrad - September 29

This is where research is important. Look into adoption grants and low or no interest loans. Also look into special interest groups such as religious groups, etc.  There is the Abba fund. They have grant matching and no interest loans. Look into these options. There are other companies that do this, do a search and see what comes up.  Also check into the federal tax credit.  Either way, the agency or facilitator must be paid off. So if you don't have the money you need a loan or grant.


You could also network that you're adopting. Drop of profile books at doctor's offices, churches, etc. If you find a birth mom on your own just hire an attorney and do the home study. The process should be around $6000. Do a free profile on Adoption dot net


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