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melissakelly - May 26

I am expecting a baby boy due Sept 20th but my posts don't show up on here. Am I doing something wrong when I post the message?


melissakelly - May 26

Ok I see what happened, Here is my info that I tried to post earlier. Hello , I am 27 years old, caucasion as is the babies father, expecting a baby boy Sept 20th. The baby is a result of falling in love with someone who left me. It is not that I am pregnant that the father left me, it is that he couldn't or wouldn't keep a job. Employment is readily available here for anyone who wants to work so it isn't the economy that drove him away. I live in the Bakken region, an area that most of the country has probably heard of as the land of prosperity and Oil we are now the second highest producing oil state.(western ND). An area also known for expensive when available housing. And thousands of out of state workers (as was the case with the babies father). The father has since left the state, he won't contest the adoption as he is to lazy to even provide any contact info for me. I am sure an adoption attorney would tell you that this won't be a problem. I have worked at the same job for almost 8 years now. I was planning on getting my GED, drivers license, a car and going to cosmetology school. I don't regret getting pregnant, what I do regret is that I haven't accomplished my goals before becoming pregnant. I wish that I could keep my baby but that just isn't in the babies best interest so I am looking for a couple or someone that can support and love him as if he was their own natural parent or parents. I do not smoke or use drugs and I have not used alcohol since learning that I was pregnant. I am on medicaid and the tests all show that he is a healthy baby. He likes to play allready lol as he is pretty active and plays alot which makes me pee alot. haha! I have not contacted any adoption agencies nor have I spoken to an attorney. I have not done much research on this either as the internet can't answer what my heart feels. All I know is that out there somewhere is someone or a couple that can unconditionally love this gift from God and support him in ways that i can't given my situation. I have given this so much thought and I know that it is the right choice for the babies best interest as I would fail giving him the best home and support. So if you feel in your heart and soul that you and or your family can offer him the home he desrves then please contact me. I have given this decision enough thought and I know it is the right one for the baby. I would not have posted this message if I hadn't allready decided on this action. I would be willing to work out any details that you may suggest and I am open to whatever you may have in mind open or closed adoption as much or as little contact with me as you wanted for your adopted baby. With or without an agency if that is allowed in my state or if I had to relocate temp for delivery. I will try and make anything possible for you to adopt him. I can supply you with medical records ultrasound images and videos and will keep you updated on the babies progress. But do know this, I can't and won't back out because this decision was a very difficult one for me as it would be for you also.I have commited myself and will follow through with the adoption plan. I will not disapoint the baby or you by not following through with the adoption plan. This is an unselfish decision I have made for the baby and you. If your serious and would like to discuss ideas with me please reply to my post first and then we can exchange email and phone numbers. and visit in person, yes I would need to meet you in person and learn as much as possible about you and or your family. and again I live in western ND. my name is Melissa


lacie583 - May 29

Hi! First we just want to say we can't imagine how difficult this decision must have been to make, and THANK YOU for taking the time to read this and consider us. My husband Jason and I(Lacie) are both Cauca__sian and 29 years old and we live in Western Pennslyvania.A little about us : We have been together for over six years and married just shy of 4. We love to laugh,be outdoors and try to spend as much time together as possible. I work in the healthcare field and Jason does landscaping, and lawncare. We have been working with our agency here for two years now and are still waiting to be lucky enough to be blessed with a little bundle of joy. We would be more than happy to travel to come visit with you and answer any questions you may have for and about us. Best Wishes, Jason and Lacie


melissakelly - May 29

Hi Lacie and Jason, Thank you also for replying, I am having a vision allready of your adopted boy working with his adopted dad and both being physically fit and tanned. sounds maybe silly but I do like to try and vision what different types of activities that his adopted parents will do together with him. I think he would be proud to be your son. Hope I can try and answer your questions that you may have as well. contact me at razgurl03 at yahoo dot com. or through this forum which ever is more convenient for you. And again thank you for your reply. Melissa R.


lacie583 - May 29

Melissa, Thanks for replying :). It's funny that you say that you had a vision of our adopted son being outside with his adopted dad, we envision the same things :). My husband can't wait to take a little boy fishing, and have him help work on cars and all sorts of fun things. I love to cook/bake and read so I would be able to share special stories and treats :).We actually go on an annual camping trip to the same spot and campsite every year and say that we can imagine our adopted little boy riding his bike down the path . I will primarily be a stay at home mom, as I have the flexibility in my career and a super supportive/understanding boss.that allows me to work 4 10 hour shifts which are thursday thru sunday, Jasons father works from home so he will be helping watch the baby on thursday and friday when Jason and I are both at work.Are there any other things you would like to know about us? A few questions we have, if you do decide you would like to meet us when would you like that to occur? Have you being recieving regular prenatal care? Would you be willing to talk to our caseworker to help finanlize/complete the adoption plan? you can email me as well laciechristy at hotmail dot com Thank you again for replying and your kind words Jason and Lacie


hoping2adopt - May 29

Hi Melissa, My name is Kristina, and my husband Ian and I have been hoping and praying to bring a child into our lives through adoption. We struggle with infertility, and can't conceive a child on our own. I am 30 and Ian is 28, and we live in a new home in a great neighborhood. We live in Sioux Falls, SD, so not too far from you in North Dakota! Ian's parents live on a farm about 3 miles away, and my parents live less than a mile away in another neighborhood. They are so excited to be grandparents to our future child. I am a teacher (summers off to spend with kids!) and Ian is successful in his office job. We love to be outdoors and Ian can't wait to have a boy so he can teach him how to play baseball and football, and of course fish. Please visit our website, it will give you a better view of who we are: iankristina dot shutterfly dot com You can also email us at iankristina at hotmail dot com Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Kristina


hoping2adopt - June 1

Hi Melissa, It's Kristina again. I just wanted to make sure that you are getting our e-mails. I replied back to the e-mail you sent me, but sometimes e-mails go right to junk mail if it is an unknown sender. Just checking, I didn't want you to think I'm not writing back. :) Thanks, Kristina


melissakelly - June 1

Hi Kristina, Yes I get your emails, Im going to send you some pics later tonight the ultrasound pics a video of the baby and pics of me. Hope you are all doing good. The bay and me are doing good. My next appointment is june 7th. Melissa R.


nicole167 - June 25

Hi Melissa, I know I am joining in on this conversation late, but if you have not picked your forever family yet. I would love to hear more about you and family. My husband and I are praying to adopt after we lost 3 babies. I believe that I was meant to adopt rather then to have my own child. If you are interested in learning more our email is marcandnicole at att.net Nicole


NJBCRT2005 - July 1

I was wondering if you have found a family yet for your baby? We are interested. Email is njbcrt2004 at hotmail dot com


NJBCRT2005 - July 1

Melissa- We sent you an email and hope to hear back from you soon.


harleybrat03246 - July 2

hello my name is tawny. we are a family of 2 adults and 2 children. we are looking to adopt. so, if your little one is available we would love to have the little one in our home thank you Tawny harleybrat03246 at yahoo.com


remarcabulldogs@yahoo.com - July 2

hello, not sure if you have already contacted a family but if not would learn to learn about your little boy.


erinborn585 - July 8

Hi there. I see that there are already a ton of responses but I feel led to write in anyway. My husband and I are very actively pursuing adoption. We have been married a little over 4 years now and despite our best efforts, We have not been able to conceive. It as been a very emotional time for us but we are looking to God and now know that He has called us to adopt. We both love children. I am the oldest of 7 myself and enjoyed every moment of it. I have worked with several other children through the years also as it is something that I love to do. We are both strong Christians with a stable relationship, I can a__sure you that our child would be raised in a God centered home and would know on a daily basis what a huge blessing he is to us and how special he is. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you to do this but I greatly admire you for making the best decision for the baby and yourself. I would absolutely love to hear more about you and your pregnancy. Praying for a response - Erin erinborn at yahoo dot com


SarelJules - July 10

Hi There, I live in South Africa, Cape Town and my fiance and I are looking to adopt a baby. I have 2 children from a previous relationship, a daugher and son and sadly their father had a tragic car accident a few weeks ago and did on the scene. My fiance and I have also done the whole IVF route in the last 10 yrs of us being together and after 7 IVF's no success rate. We are desperately seeking a child of our own and we know that won't happen now as the costs for IVF can be very costly. We want to take care of a baby that needs to be looked after and also asist anyone that has fallen pregnant a chance to start a life over, if the baby is not going to play role in your current future we will gladly with all my heart and soul to take care of our infant. I just feel a part of me is missing without a baby in our home...please email me at julesjustay at gmail dot com


shaw04922 - July 10

have you found a loving family for your baby yet?


SarelJules - July 10

Thank you for your reply but I am looking for a baby to adopt Regards,Juliet


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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