I Want To Adopt My Unborn Baby ,im 5 Months Pregnant

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joy327 - February 23

Hi I am 23 years old, 4 months pregnant, just call me Cristal, though that\'s not my real name, but pls forgive me if i had to used that nick name Cristal, i hope you guys understand me. I am looking for a loving and caring family or some couples who wants to adopt a baby, and who would be very much willing to wait for 5 months more until the baby is born. Well i am not so sure if there would be a family or couples who would be able to adopt a baby from Philippines, since i am residing here in Philippines ( i was born and raised here in Philippines). This may be hard for a family to adopt a baby here in Philippines and it might be expensive for them to adopt a Filipino baby, But however, i am still hoping that there would be someone who would still be interested in adopting a baby from my country. It was an unplanned pregnancy, it\'s not that i am not ready to have a baby, but in my situation right now? everything gets harder. I am living near at the capital city of the Philippines, just around Manila. I don\'t even know what to do with this baby, i cannot work because of my situation, I don\'t even know where I\'m going, my family lives very far from me, since they live in the province which is very far from the place where i am living. I could not tell them about my situation too because i don\'t want them to get disappointed of what had happen to me. I don\'t want them to get worried of my situation. I came from a very poor family, my parents are only working in the farm as a laborer, i was trying to work here in the city as a housemaid to help them. I could not seemed to find a good job since i don\'t have any college background or what we call a higher education. And in my age right now? it seems that all my hopes are gone when i found out that i was pregnant with my first boyfriend. I am not prone into having a relationship with an opposite s_x since i was trying to focus on helping my family and my sisters and brothers who are studying, that even in my small amount of salary could help them finish their study in high school. I wasn\'t expected that i would stumble with this young man who pretend to be so nice and true to his intentions, i was so stupid to even allow myself to get physically involve. I am trying to contact him when i found out that i am pregnant, but i could not contact him anymore, i don\'t even know where he is right now, he took off my womanhood in me and run way from his responsibility. Now i had to stop my job, and i don\'t even know where should i stay. nobody knows that i am pregnant except the guy whom i get involved with. I am now in the situation where i don\'t where I\'m standing, I\'ve been thinking about abortion or to abort this baby but i am scared, i know it would be a great mistake. I wasn\'t dreaming to have a terrible life to to give this baby a terrible life in the future I was trying to find a family in the internet would would like to adopt a baby until i found this site, and thinking that i must give it a try. It\'s not that i would like to abandon this child it\'s just that i wanted this baby to have a good life in the future, to have parents that would be able to give this child a bright future and who would be able to love her and care for her, Well i dont know really know yet is this is a boy or a girl, since i could not even have a regular check up or go to an OB since i don\'t have money on pocket... Please if there would be someone who could help me, or if there would be someone who would be interested in adopting a baby, you may contact me through email my email address is dsweetsurrender at gmail dot com I need your help and cooperation guys, i need your advice and comfort and let myself feel that i am not alone. That there\'s someone out there who cares for me in spite of my situation I am loooking forward to hear from any of you guys who really wanted to adopt a baby.


Bordwell1 - September 3

Hi I'm interested in your child is there a way you can email me at lorielizabeth13atgmail com


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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