Looking For Couple To Adopt My Unborn Jan 27th 2012

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Life2012 - May 23

Just found out i was pregnant. Hoping to find a loving couple to adopt my baby. Im 20yrs old, white, from california. The father is not in this mix. I never thought id haft to make a choice like this but putting my baby up for adoptions feels alot better than not letting it have life. With that said i am looking for a couple who has been together for over 5 years, married, and financially ready. I will want to seek legal help with all this so you and i both feel comfortable, and will be asking for financial assistance for myself. If your ready to to be a parent please respond and be in california or a nearby state. -Thanks


ddk - May 24

Hi, I just read your post and I would love the oppertunity to talk with you more. My husband and I dated 8 yrs and married 8 yrs. We are a very loving and stable couple. We own and run a farm. I come from a large family but he is an only child. I no longer can have children and want so much to give him a child. We don't smoke,drink or do any drugs. We are family oriented and love the out doors and activities. I hope to hear back from you.


ddk - May 24

I would also love to be able to share with you pictures of our life with our families. We are easy going, honest but simple people but we enjoy life together and I would like to bring you into that. I would like for you to see the life we can give to your child. Thanks, D


ddk - May 24

If you are interested in talking more please email me at deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com Thanks, D


ddk - May 27

Hi, if you are still looking I wish you would at lest email me to talk I am sure you will like us. We can send you pic's of our family life and the love we have for each other. Like I had said before my husband and I dated 8 yrs and married 8 yrs. We are now ready to start a family which I can't give birth to. We are stable and want more than anything to have a child of our own to love and adore together. Email me please, deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com. I do hope to hear from you. D


Forever 1972 - June 28

We are not able to have children of our own, though have dreamt about parenthood all of our lives. Our only hope is adoption. We are fun, smart and financial secure. Please learn more about us here, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you: tracyandbrian.com All the best, Tracy


NJTCRT2005 - July 30

Dear life2012, Hi my name is niki. I am interested in adopting. I live in Illinois. I am 26 years old husband is 29 years old. We have been together for 8 years married 5 years going on 6 this december. I am a stay home mom to our 5 and 3 year old. We have been trying to have another but no luck,doctor put us on clomiphen twice and no luck. My husband is a mechanic with his own shop and a police officer. We have always wanted to adopt even though we have two of our own. Giving a baby a home and a family is something that i have always wanted to do. If i was rich and had a big house i would adopt alot of kids and let the have a family and a home to call theres. Anyways i really want to adopt but it cost to much through an adoption agency. If you are interested please reply back or email me me. njbcrt2004athotmail.com


mickey77starwars - August 24

Hello! My name is Jen and I would very much be interested in talking with you! My husband Bill and I live in Ohio with our 3 boys and would like to complete our family by adopting. We have been married for almost 10 years. We have soo much love to give that we would love to work with you in adopting your special baby! We just bought a 5 bedroom house on 8 acres in one of the top school districts in Ohio. We have the most fun together as a family and love taking vacations, playing sports together or just sitting around the house playing games and talking. Please email me at jenbill77haney at yahoo dot com so I can tell you more about us. I hope to hear from you. thanks, Jen & Bill


chrisandjenn - September 17

Hello, We are Chis & Jenn, a fun, loving, secure couple from Long Island, NY who are dreaming of adopting a baby to love and provide a wonderful and happy life to. We may be a little far from CA, but we love to travel and will go anywhere we need to. We are so ready and prepared to become parents and can't wait to start on our journey to parenthood. We hope you can consider us in your decision for a couple for your baby. We have been together for over 15 years with a warm happy home and so much love, happiness and affection to offer a baby. We will provide medical and legal expenses and our attorney info is on our site just in case you would rather speak to her first. We would be so honored to be considered and would love the opportunity to speak to you and see how you and the baby are doing and what your hopes & wishes are for the baby. Please call us at 1.800.970.7055 or visit chrisandjenn.net, We wish you the best of luck & blessings in your search.


ddk - September 19

Hi, you time is getting nearer and I was hoping to get that chance to talk with you about adopting you baby. My husband and I have been married 9 yrs now. We are a very loving and stable couple. We live and run a farm. I stay home so can devote all my time to loving your baby. I hope to hear from you. Pleases email me at deedee keeth at yahoo dot com. Take care and hope all is well


elijahsmommy123 - September 20

Hello, I read your post. I know this must be a very difficult decision for you. If you are still seeking a family for your unborn. We adopted our son from GA. We would love to grow our family again for our son. We would be very interested. You can learn more about our family at another-adoption-journey blogspot com, or elijahsmommy at gmail dot com


elijahsmommy123 - September 22

I apologize I realize I gave you the wrong email address my email is elijahsmommy123 at gmail dot com this is elijahsmommy123 posted on 09/20


ddk - September 23

Life 2012, We am very much looking to adopt. I hope you will give us the chance an opperunity to talk with you. Please email me at deedee keeth at yahoo dot com


Whitedawgs2 - October 4

Would love the opportunity to speak to you regarding adopting your baby. Please respond if interested.


bkadoption - October 19

Life 2012, I am not sure if you still are looking for a family or is you even have any questions about adoption. We are here to answer any questions you may have. You can email us at bk_adoption at yahoo dot com or visit our profile at familyhopingtoadopt dot com


scorpio70 - December 2

Hello, I am writing you to ask and see if we could possibly adopt your baby.. I want to do it legally if at all possible tho. I have tried to be a mom all my life and never have been able to. It hurts me that I cant have one and I miss so much not being a mom. I am a good person and dont do drugs or party, and neither does the fiance. We may not be rich but we do have enough money to care and love a baby as our own. It would have a good home and we would give it lots of love. It would have lots of family to be included and loved as well. I really hope you consider us, and we can work everything out if you do. I suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome and it keeps me from getting pregnant. Im 41 and so is the fiance so we are adults and can teach and love whoever baby we receive as ours. We have so much love to give and that would fulfill our family if our dream can come true. I have so much love I even spoil my beagle badly lol. I know you cant compare that to a baby, but just trying to let you know that I would love it with all my heart and soul and let no one ever hurt the baby. It would make my world a whole better place to have a child.. Hope you will pick us. I am new to this forum and adoption but know I can give a baby what it needs.. Hope youll consider us, we live in missouri. Thanks stacy and erik peakaboo at fidnet.com I just want whoever gives us a baby that they make sure thats what they want, give up all rights to the baby, not because im being mean just because I wouldnt want to get attached to the baby and then have it taken away and my world ripped apart.. thanks


Whitedawgs2 - December 2

To: Life2012Hello, we just saw your post and would love the opportunity to speak with you regarding the adoption of your child. We have been married for 13 years and have been very blessed and would love an addition to our family. We understand your pain and would love to a__sist you as well. Look forward to hearing from you.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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