My Adoption Story

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inuk-mama - August 17

I would just like to share my adoption story with all of you. I believe that adoption is a great alternative for young parents and parents who want their children to have better life than they can provide. My birth mother found out she was pregnant when she was 16 years old. It was a one time thing with her best friend's brother. She knew she could not provide the type of life for me she thought I deserved. Her mother told her she had to give me up or move out. She delivered me on January 10th 1983 and I went immediatly to a foster home. My birth mother was able to come and visit me in there until i was adopted. I stayed in that foster home for one month until I was adopted on february 9th. My parents aren't able to have biological children and were thrilled to have a baby girl! I grew up with my parents as an only child until they adopted a baby boy in 1989. My adoption was a closed one, which meant that my adopted parents knew nothing of my birth mother and she knew nothing about them. When I was 4 months old my birth mother sent a letter to me through the adoption agency. I kept that letter to this day. My adopted parents never hid the fact that I was adopted and vowed to help me search when I turned 18. That day came, and I called the adoption agency to put in a request to meet my birth mother. She apparently had done the same thing! So on the May long weekend in 2001, I recieved a letter from my birth mother that included pictures and her phone number. I was so excited that I was thisclose to meeting her, i called right away, but she wasn't in town. The funny thing was, she lived in the same place I had with my adopted parents at the same time! We lived across the street from each other even! And this wasn't even close to the place that I was born! In a completely different province! So I finally got ahole of her on Sunday of that weekend and we talked for a while, it was kind of awkward since we had both thought so much about it for so long, we kind of were just stunned that it was actually happening. She suggested we meet sometime in the future but neither of us put a date on that. The next day I got a phone call from her asking where would be a good place to meet since she had flown to town that morning to meet me!!! I was ecstatic! I hurried and got dressed and rushed over to the restaraunt to meet her. When we finally came face to face, we ran to each other and hugged for so long. It was a beautiful reunion that day in the eating area of Pizza hut ;) and I couldn't have asked for it any other way. I love my adopted parents with everything I am and talk to them every other day. I moved to the province my birth mother lives in 2003 to get to know her better and because I used to live here and love it! I spent the first year here living with her and her husband, getting to know her. She is wonderful and we are a lot alike in many ways. I appreciate my adopted parents for everything they did for me growing up, and everything they continue to do. They are supportive of what I do, and they are probably my two favorite people on earth. I call them mom and dad, and I call my birth mother mom. It can be kind of confusing, but everyone is happy. Just wanted to share my happy ending with you. :)


sarah21 - October 1

Wow, that was a really neat story. Thank you for sharing it with us!!!


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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