Need Loving Family For My Baby

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jennandluis - August 29

Hey there to all the single moms out there, I wish I knew what it was like to be a mom. A stepmom is so much different then, being able to raise a baby from birth. If any of you women, feel that you cannot handle being a mom right now and would like someone to adopt your child, please let me know. You can always email me at jenisalazar at live dot com. I check my emails constantly and would be more that happy to help out with medical and other finances. Me and my husband have been married over 10 years and he brought 2 kids in, but they are 16 and 14 and i'm in search for me a newborn or a little bit older. Please email me for further info.


Crstier - August 30

Hi. My husband and I have been approved to adopt and can't wait to get a child of our own. You are very courageous to do what you are doing for this child. We would love to talk to you and let you get to know us.


bud35720000 - September 19

dear candice, me and my husband loves kids but due to tumors i had to have hysterectomy after my second child. we have been trying for 9 years to adopt but it is so expensive. if you want i would even bring you here to help you through the pregnancy. please call me at 740-546-2032


Crstier - September 19

Hi. I see that you have gotten all kinds of responses and I don't know if you have picked a family yet but we would also like to reconsidered. We have been married for 17 years and can not have a child of our own. We so desire to be a mommy and daddy. We would love to talk with you. Please get in touch. Crstiemr at yahoo . Com Thank you Christie and david Tha


Kdestefanis - September 22

Hi Candace. I wanted to tell you you are being so selfless and putting your child first. In saying that, I can see how many people are already out there looking to provide a good home for your child. My husband and I have been looking to adopt as well. We have been married almost seven years. We have a child who just turned six. We found out not too long ago that I am unable to have anymore children. We have always wanted to have more children and now adoption seems to be our only option. I am an accounting and my husband is a manager. We both have our Masters degree. My husband is going to become an attorney. These are all just tangible things. Mostly, we want to provide a child with love and security. If you would like to talk more, please contact me and we can discuss your situation. Good luck with your journey. Good luck.


ms_precious22 - November 6

Hello Candace.I just saw your post and i almost cried. I will do absolutely anything to have a baby. I have been married 3 wonderful years and i am a stay at home mom to two beautiful step children. i have searched up and down for someone who will bless me and my family with a child. i have tried to get pregnant 5 years now with no success and sometimes it kills me to my heart that i will never be a mom. i always wanted a baby,a child i can hold close to my heart and spoil and love. we are a christian family who just loves kids. i treat my step kids as if they were my biological kids. they mean the world to me and more. i help the needy who there is someone who needs help,all i every wanted was a baby i can call my own and i will do whatever it takes to make this dream come true. i pray that when you see this post you will consider me and my husband. i have had alot of disappointments in my life and you will make me feel like a million bucks if you consider me and my family to bless us with a miracle. by the way im 23 yrs of age and my husband is 33 please candace by all means help us make our dreams come true. you will not regret it!.you can get n touch with me at ms_precious22(at)att .net thankz brittany


shah - November 18

Hi dying to be a mother, I don't know if you ended up adopting, or if you are still looking to adopt, but I am 25, a junior in college, and pregnant with an idian/white baby and considering adoption. If you are interested, please contact me at at


rj0537 - November 23

Shah- I emailed you just a minute ago about adopting your baby. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


jennandluis - November 25

Hey there shah, I have emailed you a couple of times about your baby and have not recieved a response. Just to let you know i'm half hispanic, white and indian and my husband is mexican. We would be very pleased to a__sist you in adopting your baby. We have been married 6 years and together 8 years. I have never had the chance to ever have children, but yet he has 2. I love them as if they were mine, but i'm still looking for the chance to be able to have my own from adoption. If you would like to email me and we can talk feel free to at jenisalazar (at) live. com I will be more than happy to answer any and all your questions. Good luck to you and your baby.


mevwin - December 1

Hi Candice, I hope your search for good parents is going well. I am sure it must be a difficult choice. I wanted to introduce us, my husband and I, as Shiloh and Jeremiah. We have been married for 6 wonderful years. We love each other very deeply and would love the opportunity to extend that love to a child. The race of the child matters little to us, as we just would like the opportunity to love them and raise them to be happy and healthy. I have posted a little about us an an article in the forum called Loving couple looking to adopt. Please feel free to read more there, or to contact us via email at m ev w in (at) h ot mai l . com I hope your search goes well. Best of luck to you both!


ddk - May 24

Hi Candice, I was wondering if you found a couple to adopt your baby yet ? My husband and I are wanting to adopt. We have dated 8 yrs and married 8 yrs and are now looking forward to starting a family together. We are a loving stable couple. We live on and run a large farm. We love the out doors and the activities. We have a lot of love to offer your baby as well as stability. Please email me at deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com. I hope to hear from you soon.Thanks D


ddk - May 24

Hi Candice, My husband and I are looking to adopt we have dated 8 yrs and married 8 yrs and are ready to start a family together. We are a loving down to earth couple. We own and run a large farm and look forward to raising children hear. I hope to hear from you soon. I would like to talk more with you. email me at deedeekeeth at yahoo dot com Thanks D


aboyd15 - June 10

Hi Candace, My husband and I would love to adopt your baby. I have 4 adult children that are all Biracial and my husband is also. I'm dying to be a mother again. We've been trying to get pregnant for about 10 yrs now with no success. Please consider us. Hope your doing well!


NJTCRT2005 - July 30

Dear abree18, I was wondering how you was doing and the baby. Would love to talk to you if you are interested please email me


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