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LoriB43 - June 1

Hi. My DH and I are the proud parents of our newly adopted son. We finalized on May 23. He is a special needs little boy of 3 years old. He has a personality that just brings so much joy into our home. My dh and I both feel that we have the family we have always wanted. There is no longer any pressure from fertility treatments or waiting for an agency to decide our future. We just finally "feel" like parents, if that makes any sense. I just wanted to share my happiness with anyone who reads this. I hope that whatever dream any of you have for a family comes your way. BEST WISHES!!


ginger6363 - June 1

congrats, lori! I wish you and your family lots of love!


Megs - June 2

Congrats Lori!!! It's always encouraging to read success adoption stories! :-)


BriannasMummy - June 2

I love hearing stories such as these with the happy endings!! Im so very happy for you Lori.. Im glad that you and your dh finally got the family that youve so badly yearned for! ~Kristin~


MollieJo - June 3

Congrats! We hope to finalize on our two children by the end of the summer!


Jairia - June 3

It's so wonderful to see this thread. I too have been on the problems getting pregnant board as well as the miscarriage board. DH and I have been trying for 3 years now. We were able to conceive but m/c twins a little over a year ago. My RE has suggested that we begin in-vitro procedures as we've exhausted the other fertility drugs. As a result, we're beginning cla__ses in order to foster in hopes of one day adopting. We've met with other foster parents who have since adopted their children. I just think that this would help shift our focus from the stress of trying to conceive and allow us to pour our love into children who are already in need. I'm curious...those of you who have adopted or are finalizing adoption, did you foster as well?


deniseb - June 4

Lori Congrats, your dh sounds wonderful. Can you tell us the process for adoption and where you adopted him from etc.???? would love to get your input.


LoriB43 - June 5

Thanks to everyone for the congrats! Jairia - My DH and I have been foster - to - adopt parents in the past. It was just too difficult for us to continue... it broke our hearts when we couldn't keep kids that we had in our home for over a year. So, we decided to be just adoptive parents. Denise - We did some investigation into different options for adoption and decided on an agency that deals with special needs kids... "special needs" or "hard to place" can mean anything from severe MRDD to being a sibling group of two or more. We had to take cla__ses, have a homestudy done, be finger printed, have a background check... basically make our life an open book to be examined. Our son actually comes from a county in our state that our agency works with. Hopefully this answers a few of your questions. If you would like to know anything else, I'll try to be of a__sistance.


cakegirl - June 7

Congrats to you and your family!


Gretta - June 9

Aw I love adoption stories after my best friend adopted from China! Its really something special for both you and the child. Congratulations!


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