18 Years Of Age And Want A Baby

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hello there - March 7

If your relationship is good and you feel ready go for it! I had my baby young and have made a wonderful life for my child, partner and I. I do not regret it for a second. If you are a strong person with a supportive family as you describe whatever life throws at you and your family you should come through it with a great life for your child and you.


nw - March 23

i know this subject has been talked over a lot, but i just need some advice. I'm 20 and have also been thinking about having a baby. I have a bf, he is supportive (caring and financially) i have been with him for nearly 2 yrs. We don't live together but we have discussed that if i got pregnant he would buy a house closer to me and i could move in. The reason i want a child is because i love my partner, and i feel ready to have a baby, the thought of having a baby makes me really happy. What's putting me off though is that i work full time and i'd have to stop work, so im scared about how i would get a job again. Im also worried that my friends will think bad of me. Im not going to try for a baby, i'd just let it happen. I just want to know what other people who don't know me think, if im being silly and 20 is too young. If there are any mothers who had a baby when they were 20 i'd appreciate it to hear from you and whether you would have waited or not.


bloodlust - March 30

Well, nw, I'm 18 and 21 weeks pregnant. My fiance and I both work and it's a struggle. However, it's worth it. But our baby was unplanned. I feel it might've been easier had we waited but that's how life goes. Good luck!


collint3 - May 16

I am 18 years old and will be due in august. I planned my pregnacy and i don't regret it one bit. Alot of people told me i made a mistake and that i was too young but this is what I WANTED. Me and her father will be getting married in august of 2007 and i've been told that i was moving too fast and that it wouldn't work, but i don't listen to that because i know it will. Do what you want and what will make you happy because it's you that has to live your life, not anyone else


bunchies - September 15

I had my first daugheter at 17- my second at 19 and now my third at 23!!! I think I'm done having children for a while. I am open to maybe trying for a boy in about 5 years. We are buying a home right now, so it would be better to wait. My man has a good job and so do I. We have both been to school, but plan on going back. We have loving parents who are great helpers. Not everyone is that lucky. All I can say from someone who knows is that I dont regret it. My mother would watch my child in a heart beat if I told her I wanted to go to a show, or movie or shopping. W/E...and if she's busy I take my kids with me. If something is wrong with the baby I call the nurse, or ask my mom....I dont have much trouble in that area, I wouldnt say i've ruined my life either. I wouldnt have it any other way.


mischelly30 - September 15

If you have to ask whether there's anything wrong with wanting to get pregnant, that tells me that you have doubts and aren't really ready.


teenmomof3princesses - September 27

I have been reading some of the responses no dont do it and so on. I think that is c___p. Who ever said that when you have a child you cant go to school and that u wont have a life. It is hard being a mom either way if you are 35 or if you are 15. as long as you surround yourself with people that love you and have the best for you in mind Go for it. Its you life live it how you see fit. Some teens I know are way better poarents then there's were just be ready to step up when the time comes


AJSMOMMY - November 25

TO COLLIN3T - You are sadly mistaken about you just being the one that lives your life!! If you have a child that poor baby has to endure and deal with everything YOU put it through. My advice to everyone out there, stop being selfish and thinking of what you want to do at any given moment and think about who it will truly affect. 18 is too young to have a baby..... you are still considered an adolescent as your brains do nnot actually mature until you are 21 or so... there fore your logic is not that of an adult at 18. No offense but that is biophysically correct. Think of these babies being born, that didn't ask for it, and then end up paying the price. What i would like to know is how you intend on supporting these children and supporting them well... giving them the best start when you are only 18??? do not make them pay the price for your impulsive behavior!!!!!!


ash2 - November 27

ummmm this post is almost 3 years old.....im sure all of these people have moved on...


reachbree - December 28

I think that its great that you are18 and want a baby. HOWEVER, if you are planning to get pregnant right away after getting married..think a little more...you may be soulmates now but alot of times that how things are before people get married. They start out as soulmates then issues start to arise...Give your marriage some time before having a baby. Just like having a baby isnt easy. neither is marriage. They are both rewarding but we all have to work for rewards.


reachbree - December 28

ash2...ROFL!!!! Im with ya, How the HELL did this post come up again??


Lane - September 9

I am 18 and I am pregnant!I am due in Dec. I have also had a miscarriage at the age of 14. My boyfriend of 2 years is no longer around he left me a few weeks into my pregnancy.My family has pretty much cut me out of communication. I also go to college while trying to prepare for a baby that is coming soon. And I am not going to lie I am scared to death. Any advice?


angierosa2 - February 16

im 18 right now and i want a baby also. i had an abortion about a year ago and regret it. now i want another baby because i feel so empty. i know my boyfriend wouldnt be happy if he knew i was trying to get pregnant andm y family would be dissapointed but idk i feel empty without one.



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