Found Out I Am Pregnant Amp I Want To Work

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cashe05 - July 30

I haven't worked since Dec of 05. I recently had the urge to go back after having my son in Sept of 06. I plan on going back to retail until I get certified for Medical Billing and Coding. Once I decided all this 2 weeks ago, I found out I am expecting again! Is this a good decision? I have no income except for my bf's, and he only makes about $1000 a month, that's why i wanted to go back. Any suggestions, or tales of experience would help me so much. And I plan on working at Walmart - That is the last place I worked, and since I already know most of the skills involved, why not? HELP!!!


jenprice - August 11

I don't see why you can't go back as long as you're comfortable with your first child's day care situation and you have an uncomplicated pregnancy. I had to stop working at 21 weeks due to severe complications, but go ahead and try it out. Your new job won't have to give you FMLA leave for the new baby since you won't have been there a year, but since you aren't working now, there seems to be nothing to lose


k. - September 6

There's absolutely no reason why you can't work and get maternity leave pay when you have the baby.... Will it be worth it though, considering your sons daycare...? I guess you will definitely need to work through the pros and cons.


TeriK - June 22

Hi cashe05 Congratulations!! WalMart is a great place to work. You will have the additional income to help with your family needs and I think you will feel great about what you are doing. Another option to consider to help with additional expenses would be to also do some work from home. There are several places online to find legit companies who hire people to work from home. I found success with They have companies who post job openings and actually hire people to work from home. You can work part time also!! Just a thought. I know it has helped with my families finances. I work very part time from home with a company, around my schedule outside of the home. Something to think about :o) You can check out also! Let me know if you have questions. Teri K


momoftwins - July 31

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freeflyingangel - October 17

I am having that exact issue right now. I had my son in feb of 07 and i want to go to work now and i am pregnant, i dont know why i am just bored and want something else to do and the extra money, lol. But the thing with my job is that its approx 12 to 14 hours a day and its outside(oilfield work). But i am still going to do it anyway even though i dont have to because dh makes about $3000 a month on average. But i think if your comfortably with working as ia m then go ahead and do it just be sure to check in with the doctor etc.. I know i am only working till christmas well cuz im already almost 3 month preggo. so ya thats what i htink. Good luck



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