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Kim - November 4

I'm 19 I got married when i was 18 and was pregnant shortly after. Being so young I don't have any friends that are going through or have been through this. I feel pretty lonely and my husband thinks that I should hang out with my friends from high school but they just don't understand what I'm going through. Any advise on what I should do?


Anon - November 5

I am also friendless. lol that sounds so horrible. I moved far away from all of my family and friends to be withmy hubby to be. He works all day and I stay home. After I have our son, I plan on going back to work to get back into the "social" scene. Maybe hanging out with your friends from Highschool wouldn't be so bad. Give it a try. You dont really have to talk abotu your marriage or your child. Just talk like ya used to.


Marsha - November 5

Kim, I can definitely relate to your feelings. The road you choose in life, could sometimes leave you a little empty in some areas. But that doesn't mean it's the wrong road. I can really understand why you might feel disconnected to your friends from high school. My advice would be... don't force yourself into surroundings that make you feel alienated. Are you open to finding older friends... like 25 or 26? Maybe you could relate with them a little better.


Kel - November 11

You could try to find a mothers group in the area, or perhaps a play group.


kim - November 11

thank you every one who has given me some suggestions! :)


Ashley - December 7

I'm 21 and a single mom of a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I am still connected with my best friends but Kim I know what you're saying ...It's just not the same. My mom and I have come really close through all of this but I too wish I had other options like mommy and me play groups ...something cheap/free. I'm in the Phoenix area anybody know of anything ?


Sara - December 7

Find your local LaLecheLeague They will know where to find playgroups in your area.


K - January 8

Day care had been great. I have made friends with my daughter's friends' mothers. We have moms' nights out, group outings (sharing babysitters), and now, even the dads are going out together. There are also birthday parties and play dates. It has been a God send, since friends without kids do lead different lives. You can also try the playground and local kids events/groups. Our local school district has kids activities for those whose kids are "at risk" for some reason (pretty broad range).



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