Going Back To School

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COLLEEN084 - April 1

So I know I have a rather unique situation compared to many of you ladies but I'd like any advice from you if possible....Starting off, I am going to be raising my child alone. The father bailed out but has at least come to his senses and agreed to sign the birth certIficate and pay the 17% child support. My income working full time is only 24K per year and I hate my job. At the most, the 17% I'll be getting each month from him will be about $700--not nearly enough to live off of alone if I decide to be a SAHM which is what I'd LOVE to do : ( Anyways, on to the question...what I'd really really like to do is go back and finish up my schooling so I can make more money independently and also do something that I love. But I don't even know where to begin with this one? Should I just tough it out with my current job for the sake of my baby? Any thoughts ladies?


filly06 - April 7

You know you would definately qualify for a student loan, but maybe even a student grant! If there is a school you are interested in call and talk to thier finanicial people...things may be a bit tight not working full time but I knew alot of mothers in your shoes and God bless them they did it! :) I would always say to them how do you do it with kids and they would always say "I just do it"! ;) Also you could work pick up a job at a daycare...I think alot of places will barely charge if at all if you work there and have your kid(s) there...at least then you can work and still even have time for school. Good luck to you!


MelissaP - April 20

Colleen- I go to Axia college of University of Phoenix online. I love it! I am almost done with my AAB. It is accelerated so U get it finished in under two years. Yes, it is more expensive than a JC. But, you can go to school AND do your schoolwork from home, as well as complete your degree at a fast pace. You wont have to leave your little sweet pea behind to go to school and you wont have to drive anywhere after work when you are exhausted. I have to admit that you have to have the drive to do this or you wont succeed. There is going to be no one pushing you to get onto the computer and do your work, so it is something that you have to really want. I think the program is awesome and the instructors are very encouraging. Its the best thing I could have done for myself =)



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