Going From Full Time To Staying Home

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sahm2alaj - October 24

I was wondering if any stay at home moms have some points or tips on how to save extra money when transitioning from an extra income to only one. I work full time, but intend on staying home once baby is born.. i am a little worried about not having that extra income and want to find ways to save here and there. Any suggestions?


kim00 - November 5

I transitioned slowly into SAH while I was pregnant. I went from working f/t nights to p/t nights then 6 hrs/week. It wasn't such a drastic hit to the pocketbook. GL.


WendyF - December 1

What you can do right now is to try to live with your partner’s income. Even though your working just put that aside and see if can make it, paying bills and buying things for your baby. Pretend you're not working and your money instead of spending it save it. Now also you need to cut on things like stopping by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, McDonalds, and so forth. Make yourself homemade food for you and your husband. Even though you are going to save on other things like child care, which is really expensive, gas for two cars (if you guys drive separately to work). It's a good start to see if one income is enough. My husband and I tried this and we found out that it's not going to work for us, so after birth I’m going back to work. Good luck with your pregnancy.


wellnessmom - December 1

I had the same concerns. I was reading a wellness magazine one day and saw an ad for earning extra money working from home. I responded with skepticism, but was surprisingly impressed by what they could offer. I am now working with the company earning paycheques every month and would recommend it to anyone. Visit my website if you like- you will see a pic of my inspiration, my daughter Kiara. Good luck. Take care, Angela womenswealthandwellness dot com/angie


sahm2alaj - March 11

Well it's been a couple of months, but I have since delivered my precious son and am back at work now, but part time. Now a days i think twice before spending $15 on lunch! I intend on becoming a full time sahm by the summer time so i guess i chose the path of slowly transitioning =)


TeriK - March 23

I agree with taking it slowly. I jumped into about 6 years ago, and always wished I had done it differently; it can be challenging if you aren't prepared. I agree with wellnessmom on checking into the possibilty of working from your home. I found sohojobs.org 9 months ago, and currently work for 2 companies from my home. They hire people to work from home; it keeps their overhead low, i guess. I make $1000 a month extra and I get paid once a week! Just a thought. Best to you~ YOU CAN DO IT! Teri K


wellnessmom - March 24

Congratulations!!! I think you are on the right track with spending less, trying to save money when you can. Having a secondary (or more) stream of income is always a good idea. I am working now on a very part time basis at home -working just a few hours a week and making very good paychecques. I know there is something out there for you. Just be very careful when looking for jobs on the internet- there are a lot of scams. I am working for a wellness company that's been around for more than two decades and recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Always ask for credentials. Congratulations again and good luck to you! Angela careersinwellness.com


gwdcota - May 3

I would love to share with you over the phone or email how I save on my everyday products like bath care, toothpaste, detergents, household cleaning products, health and beauty and more. Not only am I saving, but also providing a healthier environment for my family b/c all products are chemical and toxic free. I have been soooo pleased with them and will never shop in the store for these types of products again. I am saving money, time and gas. Visit advancingwithus/ kr245955 dot com. for more info and email me. Would love to talk with you.


Victoria_1985 - July 18

I'm in the same boat as you. Except my daughter is 2 now, but i still want to stay home with her. Money has been tight and I thought I was going to have to put Hailey is day care but I found an on-line oppertunity that I couldn't say not to. It had a money back guarantee so I thought I'd give it a try and it worked. I now get to stay home with my daughter and we can now afford to try for another baby. I think it's so sad that its hard for people to get pregnant due to the cost foctor! If you want to work from home and make some money try it out. it's w w w.cylwac. c o m (no spaces)I have worked since I was 14 and stopped right before I had my DD, I liked bring in an income and missed the satisfaction and pride I had doing it. This has brought those feelings back but with the bonus I get to stay home!


dy - July 18

budget, budget, budget...clip coupons and just be ready to sacrifice a lot of the extras



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