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TeriK - March 23

I need to jump on the band wagon. That is where I found the companies that I currently work for from my home. If you haven't checked it out yet, I would. Sign up for their newsletter, I did :o) Best to you ~ Keep us posted on what you find! Teri K


gwdcota - May 3

I recently joined a work at home business that has been in business for 23 years and is recognized by the BBB, NASDAQ, CNN and more. Very great honest, trustworthy company. I feel soooo blessed to have found this company after searching for 7 years. There is success for people from all backgrounds from the richest to the poorest. THere is no risk, no obligation, no pressure, and no investment. I love it and would love to help serve you send my blessings along to you in your search for the perfect work at home job. visit advancingwithus dot com/kr245955 Have a Blessed Day!


Teddyfinch - May 9

what kind of business is this exactly? kind of sus when it doesn't tell you what you'd be doing.


Victoria_1985 - July 18

I'm in the same boat as you. Except my daughter is 2 now, but i still want to stay home with her. Money has been tight and I thought I was going to have to put Hailey is day care but I found an on-line oppertunity that I couldn't say not to. It had a money back guarantee so I thought I'd give it a try and it worked. I now get to stay home with my daughter and we can now afford to try for another baby. I think it's so sad that its hard for people to get pregnant due to the cost foctor! If you want to work from home and make some money try it out. it's w w w. cylwac.c o m.(no spaces) I have worked since I was 14 and stopped right before I had my DD, I liked bring in an income and missed the satisfaction and pride I had doing it. This has brought those feelings back but with the bonus I get to stay home!


gwdcota - July 18

Hi JessDT, I would love to talk with you about what I do from home. The beauty of it is that no extra money is spent like so many companies out there ask you to come up with thousands for investment. I love it and anyone with children needs to find out more to be educated on the harmful products out there that is contributing factors to so many medical problems. Let me know would love to share more. Kristi


lawlady72 - September 10

Be very wary of ANYONE giving a too good to be true story. Yes there are SOME opportunities, but a lot are scams. DO NOT invest ANY money. DO NOT provide your personal information to anyone without doing extensive research w/BBB & consumer affairs. One other thing you may want to try if you have a spouse or partner who is agreeable is to seek off hours employment. Night jobs are available all over. Call centers are always looking for people forthe night shifts. Or any place open 24 hours (pharmacy, grocers, etc.) I worked from 8pm to 2am at a bakery as a baker (I am a certified pastry chef) and those hours were great. I got to stay home w/kids and still work at something I loved. Now though my son is in daycare part-time so I am looking for more regular hours.


Kristi Miller - September 10

Hey 1mom and mommybabyboy21 please feel free to call me at 864-992-4968. I woud love to help both of you with your work at home needs. Hope to hear from both of you soon.



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