Returning To Full Time Work

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Gemini_Girl - March 8

hey im planning on going back to work full time when my little boy is 12 weeks old, I work in an office 5 min walk from my house 9-5 mon-fri! I know this is quite early to return and I was just wondering how others that have gone back to work early have managed, do you miss your LO terribly? are you really tired when you get back from work? any tips on how to cope with sleepness nights? my partner will be a stay at home dad


sahm2alaj - March 11

With my 2nd I went to work only 4 weeks after he was born and it worked out well. In the begining it was hectic, but you just have to figure out a schedule that works for you and your husband and be consistent with it. I had #3 in January and went back to work 8 weeks after. Now I am back, but part time. In my case, I can juggle the job and 3 kids, but I don't want to. I would rather put more time at home =) Good luck to you!


cindy120175 - March 12

I went back to work 6 weeks after my little one was born. Once you get into a routine with daycare and feeding, it is not bad. It is good to get the child and yourself on a schedule.


KDR - March 14

Hi, I went back to work in Jan. when ds was 3 mo old. He goes to a church run daycare that is on my way to work. The first weeks were a little hairy just getting him into the routine but now things are better. This may sound bad but I was happy to go back to work and have some structure to my days. I love my ds but staying at home with him all the time was making me a little crazy. I miss him but not as bad as I thought and when I pick him up at the end of the day I am soo happy to see him! I am tired but I think my body adjusted. I drink A LOT of coffee to get going in the morning esp when ds hasn't slept well. At times, I have also resorted to sleeping with ds and nursing him in the sidelying position so I can catch some zzzzs. Good luck to you!



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