Son Cries All Day For The Babysitter

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kim - January 31

i am lucky enough to have my sister-in-law watch my 10 month old son while i work's the problem...he cries for atleast 1 to 2 hours of the six i am gone . I hate the thought of my son crying and i know she is great to him ( she had six of her own ) .He has only known me for the first ten months . PLEASE offer some suggestions of what to do to make him happier when he is not with me . He doesn't scream the minute i leave but pretty soon after . He is also strictly nursed before my returning to work and now he has one bottle feeding (yes, when she has him ) I feel so bad for my little guy . And i hate my ex-husband for not paying child support so i can stay home with my son (but that's another forum topic) Thanks ! in advance


karine - February 1

Sometimes, no matter how good a person is to a child, the child may just not like them. Iam saying that by experience. I babysite this 2yr old. 5hrs/day 4days/week. i had since this summer, and she is still not licking it. She dosent like to be here. And when she is picked up, she totally ignores me, and she dosent look at me to say goodbye. She makes a fuss to stay too. It makes me feel really bad as i take good care of her. And my kids are good to her too. Son(2yrs) and daughter (3yrs) She acts very unhappy. I can beleive that your sil is taking good care of him, it may just be your son. My suggestion would be to try someone else for 1week. And see how he acts.


jas - February 2

I disagree... I think you ought to try one bottle with him yourself (he could be a__sociating the bottle with you not there) along with leaving things that smell like you. Leave a bathrobe or a towel. Does he cry and then calm down or does it vary? You can tell if your son does not like her by the way he acts. Mine would pee on the sitter - That was soo out of character for him, I pulled him and got someone else to watch him. How is he with her when you are there? Maybe spend some time with her and your son in a not daycare setting?


Erin1979 - March 21

I agree with jas about leaving something there. My boss used to leave b___st pads or a shirt so that when the baby was taking the bottle they could still smell mom. It's worth a shot....but definately try to give him a bottle yourself too.


lilemmit - September 11

My son cries when i drop him off at the babysitters, he screams alot. shes been babysitting for 2 months now. i dont know what to do. she tells me he stops crying after i leave. what should i do



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