Ashbear21912 - November 26

I'm 14 years old... Before you all start going off on me I would like if you would just let me tell you my story (My life).. I know you are all thinking I'm to young & all of that but I have a story to tell so before you start telling me to get a life & so on please listen...... -MY STORY- Yes I'm 14 years old (& yes I know I am still young) but me & my boyfriend have been thinking about having a baby.. I know you are all thinking "How will you raise it?" "How will you pay for it?" "If you get kicked out were will you go?" (Ect..) I have the answers to all of that.. I know I am still just a kid myself but I have a lot of loving family that can help me out when I need them & also not only do I got a lot of family I got my boyfriend, His Family, & All of our friends... I am not going to be one of those teen moms that just plan on using everyone money to support me or my family my boyfriend has a job (At Micky D's) & I am starting at Kroger's in a month (I know that's not the best job ever but it still helps) & the question about were would I go if I got kicked out I know my mom enough to tell that she loves me enough that she wouldn't kick me out but if something were to happen & she did kick me out ANY of my family would take me in (They have all told me that) & I also have a room at my boyfriends house.. So I am set on that or I could save up from our jobs & get an apartment.. Plus my boyfriend has been saving up for a while now (He is 16) & I also know a lot of you are thinking I want a kid just for the attention that's that even close to true & for school I am going to be home schooled so I don't need to worry about our students calling me names & so on yes I know that people are still going to call me names & try to ruin my life but I won't let them.. & some people have said having a baby will make me & my boyfriend break up but I believe we are strong enough to stay together we have been together for 9 months now on & off for 2 years.. He has already got me a promise ring & we are engaged until I am 18.. But if something were to happen between us I would still let him be in the baby's life & see & have it whenever.. If we do deiced to have a baby we have already picked out names.. Boy: Zander Lee.. & Girl: Jaylynn Rose. :) We have sat down & though about all of this. Oh & another thing is I know you are all like you don't know anything to take care of a baby which isn't true because I baby sit for my family & other people & I am thinking about on the days I am off I can go to a day care & work I love kids.. I love the screaming & playing house & all of that... Thank you for listening to my story..If you got anything to say fell free to do so. If you wanna be mean go for it I want to hear what you all have to say to me... (Us) [3


jenaya26 - January 30

Hey, Ok, so First, I don't think you are silly or doing this for attention or what ever, but I really must ask you to STOP and THINK about what you and BF are trying to do. I am 21 this year and for my age, yes I would say I am mature, I rather feel 30 than 20 lol. You are ONLY 14 and your bf only 16. You have been together for 9 months....I know this may feel like a long time but it isnt. I have been with my bf for 5 years and let me tell you, people DO change and grow-up in that length of time. Im not saying you two will fall out of love or what ever, but you must understand that what you think you want now will change in the coming years. Don't you want to have some fun with your friends partying? Get a good education, see the world, get a good job and buy your very OWN HOME to bring your child up in? let me give you an example, but before I do I will tell you my situation. Im 20, bf 23, I am graduating from university in 15 weeks, my partner finishing his apprenticeship in 1.5 years . We have a very nice new car, 2 dogs (that are like our children hehe), and we have a mortgage to our own home and have been to overseas to a few different countries (however there is still more we want to see!). we did ALL this by the time I was 18 and he was 21! WHY? because I would REALLY LOVE to have children in the very close coming years. And I always have wanted children, but we have waited to be able to give the child all we can, not have to rely on ANYONE, EVER and to make our home, our home. Not having to put up with having a child and still living under some else's roof. Now, my example: I wanted a puppy sooooo bad when I was about 15. but my mum said no because if anything ever happened to it, I wouldn't be able to afford the vet bills. so I bit the bullet and waited. When I was 17, (and we were still living with my bf's parents while we looked for a home to buy) my bf brought me a puppy for xmas! I so excited! but living with his parents, I had to to what they wanted me to do with the dog (I know a child would be slightly different, but I can imagine it would still happen). They sad she wasnt allowed inside when their 3 dogs where (even the VERY FIRST night i got her she was outside), she had to be kept in the back paddock during the day when I was at UNI and in the freezing winter she wanst even allowed inside to sleep! don't get me wrong, I love my partners parents and they are GREAT to me, but it was their house and so therefore their rules. This did cause a few arguments because we sore it as completely unfair and unjust. But they didnt, this WILL happen with your (or your bf's) parents while you try to raise your child. and it will p__s you off and it will cause arguments, which means more stress! 3 months later when we found our home and everything was finalised life really started. Trust me, you do not want to raise a child under someone else's roof! The time for a child will never be prefect, but there can be a completely bad time to have one, and now for you is that time. sorry its so long haha



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