22 And TTC

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marhar7106 - November 19

I'm 22 years old my husband and I are ttc our first child. I'm on month #2 and hoping this month will be the month. I'm hoping there are other people out there my age ttc who can relate. I feel awkward talking to people who have been ttc for a long time because I feel like I don't have the right to complain when it's ony my second month ttc. Good luck and baby dust to all who are ttc!!!!! My prayers are with you!


KITKAT01 - November 20

Hey i am 23 and am ttc our first.. this is month 4 so not too bad hopefully we both have easy times ttc.. i dont know if i have the paticance some of these ladies have good luck too you


marhar7106 - November 20

I know! I don't have patience either. I don't know how some women go for years ttc. I couldn't handle waiting that long. That's why I don't want to say anything on some of the other posts because I'm pretty new at ttc. Thanks!!


yumymumy - November 27

it will happen some takes longer than others im ttc again, with my 1st baby it took 31months so hopefully it doesnt take as long with me again!:) goodluck


shortygal52 - December 1

Hey all..I'm 23 and this is our first month ttc! I'm glad I found you girls. I was kind of weary complaining about just the first month when some of thses ladies have been trying for so long. Luckily, I've found tons of support on here! Do you guys chart or temp?


marhar7106 - December 4

Hey! I'm glad I'm finding more people who are ttc for the first time. I have just been trying to find out when I ovulate, but other than that we're just hoping for the best. I'm trying not to do too much other stuff because it seems like that will just add to the stress, so I'm trying to relax and see what happens. Good Luck to all!


utopia8302 - December 7

hi girls! im 25, and my husband and i have been ttc for 10 months now for a second child. at the age of 23, we conceived our first child the FIRST try! so we really didnt think we'd have trouble conceiving now! i've been on clomid now for 2 months. anyone else getting help? i went to my ob and told him we've been trying, so he thought clomid would give me a boost! are you guys taking opks?


sdawn - December 17

Hey, I'm 22 and this is our 2nd month trying to concieve our 2nd. With our first we had no problem ( we werent trying). I was on BC and it just kinda happend. I would say an unexpected surprise. She is now 2 years old andi want to give her a bro. or sis. Goodluck to everyone. Hope we all get our BFP's..


jenn00 - January 15

are you kidding 2 months that is NOTHING the average couple takes a year to get pregnant


jenn00 - January 15

baby dust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jenn00 - January 15

my last comment waste meant to be rude after i re read it it come off as rude but i was tryin to say 2 months i wouldnt worry you most likey can get pregnant just take a lil longer me and my hubby have been tryin for a year in a half and no luck i am ready to give up seems like i will never get pregnant i thought i would be so easy to get pregnant but i thought wrong


mrsharrisk52006 - January 27

I am also 22 and ttc with my husband. We have been trying for 6 months and like everyone else, i'm getting a little restless. People keep telling me to relax and not worry about it...it will happen. I'm not so sure. It's driving me nuts. But, I am a worry-wart. :)


JolieLucker - January 29

also 22 and i am pregnant... 4months... took us over a year.. good luck


jazminesmom - January 31

i am 23 TTC#2, i am having trouble ovulating i take a HPT this weekend then set up a drs. appointment if it is neg or pos. the first time i got pregnant the same month i got of BCPs. i was wonder does anyone know how much clomid is? after a few more months of trying the dr might put me on it, since i am haveing trouble ovulating, i am going to start ovulation kits after i get af. sorry so long


AmericanReject - January 31

i'm 18 and i'm a little younger than you guys....but i'm married and were trying for our first baby...we really want a little girl...we already have names picked out...this is our second month ttc....to jenn00 dont give up..i'm sure its meant to happen...you'll get pregnant soon.


Pipa - February 13

Well, I'm 24 and just decided to stop taking "precautions." This is our first month and I'm not in a rush b/c I'm still worried about unknowns since we're both in grad school and money is tight. I've prayed about this alot and don't want to wait. But I wouldn't say we're trying to conceive as much no longer trying not to conceive. I guess we'll see. . . Just hope I can figure out the future issues like child care costs and such since we have VERY little income. . Deep down I"m scared that it won't happen but I guess I'll just have to trust. Good luck everyone!


segreenwade - February 18

I'm 21 and my soon to be husband and i been TTC too, Thank you for your prayers i will pray for you too, I'm hoping that my period does not come on this month. This will be my first child too, good luck to you and lots of Baby dust your way



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