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NOTPregnant! - April 29

If I am 17 and having protected s_x is there a chance that could harm my possibilities to get pregnant at a much later age, say 28-30, when I get married and ready to start a family? I was once told I could scar my fallopian tubes.


B - April 29

That is something you would have to ask your doctor. I think the answer is no. However, if you aquire any s_xually transmitted diseases, yes, that can have a major impact. Some STDs can be contracted (from what I understand) with or without condoms.


B - April 29

I also meant to say that you sound pretty responsible for even asking that question!! PS From my own personal is better to not go that far until you are married. I decided in college to stop going that far and wait for my husband and boy was it worth the wait. We have been married for six years and it feels like six months! We did not have s_x before we got married and it made for a wonderful wedding night. Every night being married feels like a sleepover. Think about waiting, it makes your marriage so much better. I didn't mean to go on and on, sorry. That is my experience only.


Mellissa - April 29

I started having protected s_x at 16... had a healthy baby at 21... never heard that having s_x, whether it's protected or unprotected, could harm your chances of getting pregnant. Did a doctor tell you that, or maybe someone who just doesn't want you having s_x?


Mellissa - April 29

i agree with b... getting stds could DEFINITELY


mellissa - April 29

sorry... getting stds could definitely effect your future fertility. so if you do decide to have s_x it should ALWAYS be matter what...if you don't have protection..don't do it. And I also agree about waiting until you are married. I didn't do it but i sure wish i had. I regret that I didn't have that "gift" to give to my husband.


c - May 1



Jessy - May 2

hey these girls are sooo right about the waiting part...and if you can't wait to start having s_x (a__suming you haven't already) wait until you find the right guy and even wait until the wedding night to give him that "gift" it makes for a very nice honeymoon...if your man can't wait for you, then he's not worth it and you better dump him right now..if he has no self control now, imagine how he would be AFTER you're married, think of your future...don't live in the now...just think, in 3 years(at age 20) you could be a virgin and having s_x for the very first time w/your husband on your honeymoon! That's what happened to me, he was a virgin as well, by the way, a very wonderful experience and the s_x keeps getting better all the time...and no guilt riddled with it...think about that for your future husband's sake don't think of your pleasure for now...think of the guilt-free love you can have! It's a wonderful feeling that's sooo much better than s_x! And if you're NOT a virgin, STOP having s_x NOW and you'll enjoy it SO much more when you wait until you're married and the man you have s_x with loves you for YOU and NOT JUST your BODY.


Trying to do better - May 3

I agree with Jessy. I wish our world encouraged "just wait" instead of "just do it".


Lissi - May 4

Just make sure you ALWAYS use condoms, and you'll be fine. STD's can really damage your fertility and some of them don't have any symptoms. Please just be careful and never let your guard down. It only takes one moment of unprotected s_x to ruin your life forever.


To B... - May 29

I think it's great that you and your husband decided to wait to have s_x. Kudos to both of you. However, what I DON'T agree with is that waiting "makes your marriage so much better". I have been married to my husband for 3 years now, we've been together for 5 and we have been s_xually active all that time. And I honestly think there's nothing that could make our marriage better, it feels like just yesterday that we met, let alone got married. And just because we were already having s_x does NOT mean we had any less special of a wedding night. It was still the happiest and most wonderful night of our lives, our marriage is wonderful and I couldn't ask for more, s_x or no s_x. It's great that you made that decision for you and your husband, but it doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't make that decision is wrong and needs to "think about waiting".


tes garcia - August 9




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