Almost 21 And Difficulty Getting Pregnant Help

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Rose - December 28

I will be 21 in a little over a month, my husband is 22, we have recently decided we are going to seriously start trying to have a baby. I have not been on any form of birth control since March of 2004, almost two years and have no conceived. We have no been trying in the aspect of charting my cycles or temperature, but it worries me that I have no conceived in almost two years without preventing that I want to really try, I am very nervous. Is anyone else going through a similar situation? Any advice would be great. Thanks :-)


kiana - December 28

hey rose i am in the same boat i am 22 and dh is 29 and have been together 7yrs for the last 3 i have never used contraception. now we have started ttc and we know were going to have dust to u


Frances - December 28

It is harder to concieve than you think. You really should start charting and temping if you want to concieve, as this will help you figure out when you ovulate and when to have intercourse. There are lots of things you can do, but start with and start reading! Baby dust!!!


kiana - December 29

hi all...i do chart and temp but i think my problem is i have really irregular periods but now i have started to try fertility blend to try and regulate them i wanna go natural b4 i c the doc....wishing u s all luck on ur ttc journey x


CHEY1MOMMY - December 30



sye - December 31

try 10 days after having your period...that's your most fertile time...worked for me..


me - January 13

hi i was 19 when i got pregnant with my 1st it died when i was 5 months pregnant about a year after that i started trying to have a baby never in my life been on birth control i went to several different doctors and could not get pregnant i finally stopped trying then in august i found out that i was pregnant now i am 25 and me and my husband are expecting our baby in April i guess just try to be patient when the time is right it will happen just curious are you overweight? sometimes that can cause a problem also try to get an ovulation kit dont be scared when the time is right it will happen also you can go to a doctor and ask them if there is anything wrong also your husband may have a low sperm count best of wishes and good luck


Rose - January 13

Me, Thanks for all the advice. I have been charting, and if my chart is accuarte, I would have ovulated on the 4th, we had intercourse on the night of the 3rd. AF is not due until 23rd and I have had spotting a coupel times in the past couple days. I was wondering if you knew anything about implantation bleeding?


NURSEJ - June 27

well i am 24 y/o , but when i was 22 my husband and i were activley trying. i would get pregnant no problem but i could not stay pregnant. i keep having miscarriages. 2 in a row, now i got prenant and i am on progesterone supplements that was my problem. maybe go talk to ur dr. they can advice something for u.


BackBratOne - June 27

I'm going to be 21 in Oct and my dh is 28 and we have decided that we arae going to start ttc. I haven't been on birth control for the past 3 months, and for two of them we just used the "pull out" method, and now we are going to really start trying any1 have any suggestions? Thanx in advance to all who can help


autumn85 - July 28

hey i am in a similar situation..i will also be 21 in october and my bf of a year and a half is 28. we are seriously thinking of ttc...this is my first month of of bc so i guess we will see how things go!


erica85 - July 30

hey girls. i'm 21 & my fiance is 21 also. we've just started ttc (maybe 3 months) it's kinda an on/off thing since we're still in college. but i'm in a similar situation...we've used the "pull out" method for almost 3 years cause we were worried about getting pg - but now i want to be pg and no luck so far. hah maybe once cla__ses start again i'll be too busy to worry about it and then it happen....that would be great!


carmie - October 17

yes that would be nice, i hope it was me i've been married for 4 yrs have 1 son ttc 2nd child been of contreceptives for 1 yrs but still no luck, what more can i do?


loriebeth07 - November 25

hay pretty new at this so could do with some advice, i come from a very firtile family i am one of 12 and 4 of my 6 sister got pregnant no trying it just happened for them, me on the outer hand not so lucky, i have been trying to get pregnant now for 7 months and im only 21 so shouldn't be an age issue, but so far nothing and its heart braking. doctors dont seem to care and are very unapproachable and my fiance just keeps telling me it will happen, just worried as a few years back he had mumps and i know this can be a worrying thing in adult men, so any advice on what to do ?


Waphui - June 12

I was get pregnant very fast after using masahor gunam technique on facebook.


Progenesisivf - February 22

You are only 21, I think you and your DH should visit fertility specialist and find out the root cause. There are small lifestyle changes such as fertility diet, avoid smoking and drinking, regular exercise etc can help to boost fertility and increases the chances of conception. Do not lose hope and keep trying. 


wellspring1 - April 2

Don't worry and don't lose hope. Healthy lifestyle can lead to healthy pregnancy and baby. Trying all ways, but still you are conceiving, its better you take fertility specialist for further guidance.
Stay happy! stay Positive!



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