Ectopic Pregnancy And Concieving After How Hard Is It

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xXSaraXx - April 5

I had an ectopic pregnancy at 15 and i was wondering how hard it was for other women on here to concieve. Did you get pregnant straight away, did it take a few months, or did it take a few years, i just want to know what to expect when me and my fiancee try for our baby hopefully in the not so distant future =/


Amanda19 - April 6

If you didn't lose a tube or there isn't much scarring you shouldn't have a lot of difficulties. The only problem might be a higher chance of a repeat ectopic. You just need to be monitored closely in the beginning.


xXSaraXx - April 6

Yeah i still have my tube though it ruptured they said i was very lucky as i have minmal scarring, so ill be ok? thats good to hear :)


slowpoke01 - April 16

sara i had an ectopic in august and didnt find out until sept when we had to terminate using methotrxate. my tube did not rupture so i dont know if that will affect it more or not. i would a__sume that it would increase your chance of having a repeat ectopic higher than the 5% chance that the doctor gave me for a repeat. since i used methotrexate i dont have the scarring and my tubes werent blocked so he said that i had a 5% chance of a repeat. he also said that my miscarriage rate would go up to 10% but that still left me an 85% chance of a healthy pregnancy. which is still very good. i havent gotten pregnant again but we havent tried but only 1 month since the ectopic and we are planning on trying again in may. good luck to you.


Kristin72 - December 15

Did any of you get pregnant again after their ectopic? I too had one in Sept and want to try again for another baby. I am having a sonohysterogram in January to check to see if my tubes are blocked or not.


twinkletwinkle - February 3

hiya i had an ectopic nearly four years ago and i have a beautiful eighteen month old little girl :) it took me and my partner about six months to concieve and i did lose one of my tubes i was scared at first because of the risk of a repeat ectopic but if your worried about that try to ask for an early scan to rea__sure you. good luck x


ilovebabies - March 7

What is ectopic pregnancy?


beth22b - July 14

I had an ectopic that actually burst and I did lose one tube. 8 months later I became pregnant with my daughter, now two (on the first try) and now I am pregnant with another daughetr (due any day became pregnant after two months of trying). As long as everything else in there looks good, you should be in good shape. If you kept your scarred tube, you will need to be checked early on in the beginning to make sure that it isn't another ectopic.


mkk - November 7

It does all depend if your tube was fully removed or badly damaged or not, but... I became pregnant with an ectopic Dec. of 2007, they ended up removing part of one of my tubes. I was very worried about having trouble conceiving again or doing so and just having it be another ectopic. Today I'm 1 month 10 days pregnant, I've seen the ultra sounds, it's in the uterus and healthy so far :) and it hasn't even been a year since I had the surgery for the ectopic (that was in Feb.) So I found it very easy to become pregnant after an ectopic! It does higher your chance of having another ectopic and very slightly lowers your chance of conceiving again, but not by much. You shouldn't have too much trouble. Like others said, doctors will just want to monitor you closely.


pinkjen - November 16

what are the signs of a ectopic? I am 2 and 1/2 months late on my period. I have all the signs of being preggers but I took 5 at home tests all negative. urine test was negative when I went to the doctors. My doctor thought i was having thyroid problems but that test ended up being negative.


Ammmanda - January 11

i had an ectopic pregency a year ago and now ive started to try for another and its been 3 months and i still cant get pregnant. when i got pregnant the first time it was very easy but since the ectopic its been very difficult and emotional for me and my partner. does anyone have any suggestions?? or have been in the same situation and had that happy ending??


candrea321 - January 12

my doctor said normal women have a 3 percent chance of a ectopic so after u have 1 it gos up i only have had 1 and im at a 13 percent chance now if i ever can get pregnant again



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