Has Anyone Got Pregnant Straight After Coming Off The Pill

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MammaJL - January 11

I'm a 25 year old mom of 2, i had my first 2 at a really young age (15 and 17) my son is going to be 10 in a week and my daughter will be 8 in july, i was on a low dose pill (alesse) when i got pregnant for my daughter.. I've been on birth control ever since and i now have the baby bug... my bf and i have decided to try to get pregnant. i was suposed to start my new pack of pills today but they're on their way to a landfill somewhere lol.. anywho, wish us luck i will let you guys know what happens.


redsonya - January 14

Oh yes, my friend! I was off tghe pill for 14 days (after being on it for 2 years) and bang..got pregnant. I went off in November and according to the ovulation calendar I ovluated on Dec. 13 (my son's 2nd b-day) and we did it under the Christmas tree (I know TMI). I am pregnant now and due on Sept. 5. By the way, I'm 35 years old...


mummytobe - January 28

Oh Yeah! I was on the pill for 13 years because i had irregular periods.. I went off the pill around three months ago to beginm to prepare my body to get pregnant with my fiance at the end of this year - because i heard that you should wait atleast three months and the doctors and the natropaths said that it would take up to 9 ninths considering my menstrual cycle history! Anyway, im 11 weeks pregnant! so it was a real shock, i had mucked up the pill for years before and never had a pregnancy scare... so i guess it was meant to be!! just going to postpone the wedding now until the bubby comes! i never thought this would happen to me soooo easily, its nuts!! good luck!


jazminesmom - January 29

with my daughter i got off bcps in january 05 and got pregnant tha t month and found out i was pregnant early feburary.


im_danielle_hi - January 30

hi i havent been on this in a while was having a browse and seen my post from last year i think i posted my question in march 2006 and appreciate that people are still posting. well it will be one year soon and im still not pregant its getting me down. i dont understand how a girl at the age of 19 (20 in april) cant get pregnant and is taking this long (i suppose i just have to be patient). anyways thanks girls for posting on my thread even though i havent logged in for a while. hopefully 2007 is my year! :)


Needtoknow - February 26

I was on the pill for 9 years, I went off it jan 10th or thereabouts. As soon as I went of fit I had a very short and heavy period, and then I got pregnant right away. Am now 5 weeks!!


sarah0616 - February 27

I got pregnant a week after i got off the pill


sarah0616 - February 27

I'm 5 Weeks too!


im_danielle_hi - February 28

hi girls i took my last eriod on the 20th of January and i havent taken a period this month i took pregnancy test on the 23rd and it was negative but still no period its been 40 days now when shud i test again thanks :)


ella431 - March 1

I was on the pill but only took it for a month. I ovulated pretty shortly after i stopped taking it. I got pregnant even before my period came but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage :(


sweetjl - March 2

I got pregnant 3 weeks after I went off the pill. I was on the pill for 3 years before that.


Nemo - April 3

Yes I did, conceived 2wks after coming off the pill. At 39yrs I had been on the pill for many years and when I wasnt on it had irregular cycle.


lilmamaT - April 5

I went off the pill and I got pregnant right away. It took know time at all.


aideen - May 30

nope i tried when i came of the pill and no success was trying for about 2 or 3months and nothing. Then i got the injection and i am now 6 weeks 4days preg while i was on the injection....


LexieG - June 4

I have really gotten some good info reading all the answers to this question! Thx! I just got off the pill 4 weeks ago to TTC. I was on the pill for 8 years and I did wait til the end of my pack to go off. Technically I should get my period tomorrow, but I read it may take up to 6 weeks to get it again & if it has been 8 weeks & no MP, you should see your Dr. to make sure you are ovulating!?!? Any thoughts if this is true? I sure hope it is true that you are most fertile right after coming off the pill, cuz we have been trying already! :)


Clairesmommy - June 20

I stopped taking the pill and was pregnant a couple DAYS later.



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