I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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Jenni - May 19

I am 16 and have been having unprotected s_x with my bf for about 5 months. i am 2 weeks late formy period and i am feeling nautious and really tired and kind of emotional and i pee alot but i don't have sore br___ts and i don't have the money to get a pregnancy test do you think i am pregnant what should i do?


To Jenni - May 19

It sounds like you could be pregnant, the only way to tell is to take a test. You can always go to planned parenthood and get a pregnancy test or talk to your parents. It is scary for you that you can't afford a pregnancy test and you might be having a baby. You must be very frightened. I would advise you to stop having unprotected s_x if you are lucky enough to not be pregnant. If you can't afford condoms or birth control you really shouldn't be having s_x.


Tammy - May 19

Jenni. Go to planned parenthood. They will test you for free. I don't understand one thing. You deliberately had unprotected s_x.. Why? If you can't afford a pregnancy test, then you can't afford a baby. I have a daughter 20, and you can better believe I have made sure she will not be caught off guard. There is so much education out there I just don't understand it. Please get yourself tested because if you are pregnant, you need medical attention. Good Luck Jenni


Danielle - May 20

I would not sugjest getting pregnant yourr only twelve and in 6th or 7th grade you cant handle school and a baby also why are you going out with a19 year old who might have to go to jail thats a7 year age gap way to big


becca - May 21

erm dannielleerm shes 16 and where does it say her b/f is 19 ??????? wrng post love


Heidi - May 23

Well im 16 about to be 17 and i think i might be pregnant to ive had unprotected s_x with my bf for the past year (i know its wrong), so your not alone and i proved to you that!!! But hey, if you dont have money, just look for pregnancy center near you, they usually do free test for under 18. So do that!! and do that quick! So you can get prenatal vitamins in your system and you can feel better and protect your baby! Things wont be that bad if your are, just keep your head up!!


saydie - May 23

I know where i live there are places that will give you a free test, you just have to look them up


Mythili - May 26

You are still a baby. Why are you have unprotected s_x. First of all, I think you shouldn't be having s_x at that age. There are a lot more to accomplish in life. You need to be able to support yourself b4 you think of having a child.


Jessica - May 26

go to your health dept being so young it will probably be free and they don't tell your parents anything


Jordan - May 27

yes, I think your pregnant because I had the same feelings, well I am right now, and I am 16.


c'mon.... - May 29

Ya know? It's real easy to sit around and call people "stupid" and "retarded" and all that, but it is SO immature, people and what does it fix? Honestly?! If she is already in this predicament calling her "stupid" and such won't change the fact that, yes, she made a mistake and if anything it will make her feel worse and stress put upon her is stress put upon that baby, which is NOT healthy. What did the baby ever do to you that it deserves that? It may be frustrating that people so young get themselves into these situations, but guess what? It happens. And calling someone names like that not only brings you down to her maturity level, it probably even makes the situation worse in some cases. Like people who rebel just cause they're told not to do something. Think about it. Besides, isn't this a forum for advice and not bashing? Really, now.. grow up before you tell someone else to do it.


unknown - June 2

Why are you having unprotected s_x? If you don't have money for a pregnancy test do you really think that you can afford a baby. You need to get on some form of B/C


CARRIE - June 2

Everyone has already came to the conclusion that Jenni is to young. But she has already done the deed. If you are pregnant Jenni don't listen to the people calling you stupid. You will have a mother that will do that you don't need twenty other people telling you that. What you need is a friend to guide you. First of all you need to look for planned parenthood or for a clinic that does free testing. If you are pregnant they will give you prenatal vitamins. Take them! they will help you a lot. Then you need to work up the guts to tell your parents. Tell your mom first cause she will help with your dad. And by the way it will all work out okay. It usuall does. Good luck sweetie.


Rach - June 6

Hey Jen im in the same post_tion as you, i keep feeling nautious and really tired. The best thing to do is get a pregnancy test that is the only way you are going to find out whether you are pregnant or not, I think the hardest part is explaining all of it to your mum, iv already told mine, she was really mad at me but now she's fine. But anyway as everyone says the only way your going to find out is by getting a pregnancy test. oh and by the way dont listen to people calling you names cus they'l only put stress upon you and you don't need that if you are pregnant.


Krystal - June 6

Im 16 and think Im pregnant too. I turn 17 in September. My boyfriend and I have unprotected s_x but we use the pull out method. I have sore b___st, pee alot, am tired, and is very emotional. I think you could be just like me, but the only way to really find out is to take a test. Good luck and I hope everything happens for the better!


Cheryl - June 9

It sounds quite likely, i would go and get a test or go to a family planning centre as soon as you can, as time runs out quickly if you plan to terminate. Things such as sore b___sts take a while to start, so its better to get sorted quickly before things like this start. At the moment im in a similar situation. Im on the Depo Provera, which ends my periods. Im supposed to go every 12 weeks to have an injection, but i missed my last one by a week, as i got the dates mixed up. In that week that i missed, i was having unprotected s_x, which made me worry. I went to have my injection a week after, and was told to go back in 2 weeks time for a pregnancy test. I have now got a week till i have to go, and am worried. It is even harder to tell if im pregnant because i dont have periods, so i cant say ive missed one. I wish you luck in your situation, as im only 16 too, and it can be worrying. Cheryl x


JD - June 9

I know how you feel, if I can help let me know maybe I can email you or something



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