I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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hope-31 - February 15

i know this is an old post but i have to add my two sense. if you are a teen or any age for that matter and think your pregnant and dont have the money for a simple hpt then how the hell are you gonna have the money to raise a baby? im not against anyone having s_x(within reasonn)but if your stupid about not using birth control of some sort keep your legs closed!!!!!!!!!!


Cat24 - February 19

hope31 i totally agree with your comment. is it just me or does this girl sound completely stupid? i mean at that age to go around having unprotected s_x, not just once or twice but for a prolonged period of 5 months to one who did it unprotected for a year- stupidity beyond belief or what!! you are right, if they don't know the consequences and can't afford or arent mentally able to look after a baby then they should be keeping their tarty legs closed. its not just unplanned pregnancies they have to worry about either, they could be spreading STI's around also!!


to jenni - February 28

im 17 and i think im pregnant...i had s_x with a friend and i we would go without a condom until he was to the point and then hed put a condom on....could pre c_m get you pregnant? i mean is there anough to do that... anyway i know what your going through.... its scary to think that you could be pregnant..lifes to hard at this age as it is, i cant even think how hard it would be with a baby but its doable theres wic and parenting cla__ses and much more...ill pray for you if you pray for me :)


annie2 - March 2

me and my boyfriend had protected s_x with a condom on the 14th my due date for my period was on the 26th i am worried..can stressing over if you are pregnant or not delay your period?


Teddyfinch - March 12

stressing only delays ovulation. not the period itself.


Cat24 - March 25

if you cant even afford a pregnancy test or you are worried that you might be pregnant when you dont want to be, then why the heck would you have and keep on having unprotected s_x? stupidity beyond belief!


sterlinberlin05 - April 1

just a thought! This post was made in 2005! So she's like 19 now hahaha. WOW how weird.


Cat24 - April 2

lol they should get rid of posts that get so old like this one! i mean surely it can't have any modern day relevance. so do we think she was pregnant or not? my guess is yes and if she is one of those girls who has unprotected s_x for 5 months then she probably has a few little ones by now!


DerricksGurl - May 30

Look, for everyone that is being rude to her and judging her, that is not your place. If you think that she shouldn't be getting pregnant at such a young age, you don't need to post it here. She is asking for your help, not for your opinion. Jenni, if you are pregnant, you just focus on you and that baby inside you. Do the best you can do to get that baby the care that it needs. There are places that give pregnant teens help, free baby stuff and even free gas cards to get you to and from cla__ses, if you and your boyfriend choose to take free parenting cla__ses. Just look up "teen pregnancy centers" in google.com Good luck Jenni. Just take care of that baby, don't let them try to discourage you and make you think bad of yourself. Keep your head up and stay strong.


Sunshine - September 5

Well... seeing as how the pull out method doesn't work. There is a very good possibility you could become pregnant if you are not already. However, there is only one way to know for sure if you are pregnant, and that is to get tested. There are plenty of free clinics you can visit. You and your boyfriend should go to one to get tested. And also pick up some free condoms while you are there. Also, if you're having symptoms of fatigue and peeing a lot and you go to the test center and you are not pregnant, you might want to tell your parents and visit a doctor. Those are common symptoms of diabetes and related diseases dealing with low glucose absorption.


itwouldbeablessing - November 6

im 16 and was pregnant i had no job and my bf has a minimum wage job. if you are i would suggest you tell your bf and you both go out and try to find a job. even a minimum wage job is better then no job at all


caryn1234 - November 25

Same happened to me, go see your mom, she is the best person to tell even if you dont usually confide in her? Wishing you all the best xxx


nmale582 - January 9

Well first thinfirst, you should stop using the pull out method, it isnt very accurate, and unsafe for transmitted diseases. You should go to a clinic and see a doctor, let them know what is happening.


Samoria - January 21

If you're unable to even afford a pregnancy test, then you should be doing a LOT of research on s_x to know how to protect yourself. If you're too not even sure of the symptoms of pregnancy, you should be doing a LOT of research on s_x to know how to protect yourself. If you don't know that unprotected s_x can result in pregnancy, you should be doing a LOT of research on s_x to know how to protect yourself. If you think the 'pull out method' is actually a form of birth control... you should be doing a LOt of reserah on s_x to know how to protect yourself. I sure hope when my children are older, that they ask questions and get education on the matter of s_x without rushing forward, thinking they know all about it, and being shocked when they end up 16, pregnant, and unable to care for themselves or their babies. :(


katebait - January 22

WoW everyone here is SO jeudgemental. honestly, this poor girl made a mistake and she came to all of you for some help on how to figure things out. I am 21 and just found out I am about 2 months along, and its a scary thing no matter what age, i cant even imagine being 16 and finding that out. Why dont we all stop being so judgemental for one second, step back and think, not everyone is the same, times have changed and like it or not kids are having s_x at younger ages, and some parents arent that understanding so BC are pretty hard to obtain. Not only that but have you been 16 and tried to buy condoms in a store? Talk about judegemntal. So even though she posted that back in 2005 you are all still sitting here telling her shes stupid basically. Be supportive for once people, if she was 26 i'm sure you would be saying congrats and giving heaps of advice, dont discriminate, seriously, be glad she came out and asked for help unlike some 16 years olds.


sterlinberlin05 - May 1

Well I would just tell your mom about the pains first, you could have an ectopic pregnany, which means there could ba a baby in you tubes and you need to get it out before something major happens! Trust me I've been in your shoes go to the dollar tree where tests are $1 they do work and take a test or just go to the dr tell them they can't tell your mom and have them give you a test just to be sure. Good luck, and when it comes to your moms own daughter you might be surprised.



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