I Am 16 And Think Im Pregnant

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sterlinberlin05 - May 1

Well I would just tell your mom about the pains first, you could have an ectopic pregnany, which means there could ba a baby in you tubes and you need to get it out before something major happens! Trust me I've been in your shoes go to the dollar tree where tests are $1 they do work and take a test or just go to the dr tell them they can't tell your mom and have them give you a test just to be sure. Good luck, and when it comes to your moms own daughter you might be surprised.


ahmadi - July 4

Good luck I am sure you are pregnant and please go to nearest clinic for Ante natal care.


Eriny - August 11

Hi jenni, Im 16 and im pregnant...i told my mom the night the condom broke and trust me i was scared i cried for what seemed like hours. I don't advise having unprotected s_x at a young age but i understand it's a little late. From what you've said your feeling i do believe you are pregnant exspecially if you have had some spotting but not a full on menstrual cycle but trust me honey the best thing to do is to tell you parents they are usually willing to do what ever it takes to help their child or if you have another person that more understanding in your life talk to them. I know what you are going through and i know its scary at the end i will tell you my story but until then i wanna let you know that god wouldn't put anything infront of you that you cant handle there's alot to think about like how to tell family and friends how to tell the father how your going to support if you decide to keep the child maybe giving the baby up for adoption could be something to think about...how your going to get through school its rough but i believe you are a strong young girl and if you ever need some one to talk to please email me i honestly dont judge people i know that no one is perfect....I'll tell you my story: I am 16 i work a full time job in the summer and have since i was 14 during school i go back to part time I am a sophmore in high school and i use to play 7 sports me and my bf who is 19 unemployeed and attending college decided to lose our virginity together the 2nd time we did the deed the condom broke about 3.5 weeks later i found out i was pregnant now i did tell my mom the night the condom broke and i worried up until i was tested when it came out positive i cried my mom told me i had nothing to worry about that she would be there and she has been she was disappointed at first but only because she wish i had more time to just have fun the father has been there for me the whole time and has even been trying to get a job. WE got engaged shortly before finding out i was pregnant and have decided to get married after we are done school.The baby is due april 28...we are hoping for a girl (LeAnna Marie) but no matter what the s_x of the baby is we will be happy.If you need anything please dont hesitate to email me(:


pregnancyquickstart - August 24

You could be pregnant. If you can't afford to buy a pregnancy test then you can't afford to supply the needs for you baby. Get a free test and if the result is positive then tell it to your parent's, your parent's knows what's the best for you!!!


steffydanielle - October 23

people can sit here and say it wasnt smart to have unproteced s_x , but girls do it every single day , it wont be helped . people need to learn from their own mistakes and grow . Im 16 and ive been with my boyfriend for a year (we have had unprotected s_x) , just this week ive been wondering if maybe i could also be pregnant . i have a few of the symptoms. im not saying im proud of what ive done , but ive learned what i can do in the future . if i am pregnant im gonna have to be mature and become an adult real fast , but if i wasnt responsible enough for a baby i wouldnt have made the choice to have s_x . and i respect just about ANYBODYS desicions on what they do in their life !


xobrandixoxo - November 26

Okay... Um... I don't know really how to do this.. But I got quesitons. and I can't talk to my mom.. Um. Im 16. Over the summer i had s_x.. And I told my mom about that one. because I thought i was.. Well I broke up with that guy because of cheating.. but now.. A few weeks ago.. around November 13th. I had s_x.. It was a aweful mistake.. Well I was drinking.. yes very stupid I know anyway.. I dont think he used a condom.. I wasnt thinking straight. And Ive missed my period.. today would be 2 weeks sense ive had s_x with him. and i still haven't had it.. Im beyond scared. I went from a size 3 to a size 7.. that is dramtic. i think.. I constantly want to eat and always sleep. I have a little bit of stress because of this. but nothing over baring... I cant tell my mom. because i dont want her to think bad of me. she already dont like it that i had s_x with 2 people and she would die if she knew about the 3rd.. Please... someone.. help...


Theh Mzobe - January 16

Why a havng s_x on this age?Why dnt u tell ur bf 2 give u a money 2 buy a pegnant test?? IF u dnt have money 4 test dt means u are nt ready 4 ur babie!!!! Gal jst concetrate on ur future


xoshawna95 - March 10

im 16 and im not sure if im pregnant or not 2 and a half weeks ago i had unprotected s_x and now ive been feeling sick and i have had heartburn and headaches and keep feeling like im guna puke. my b___bs keep getting bigger and heavier feeling but then go down and my nippes have gotten bigger im not due for my period for like five days i took a pregnacy test 3 days ago and it was negative. i think i took it too early but i dont know. and im not sure if this is all just in my head..


channiiee - February 7

hi im 16 nearly 17 soon and have recently been feeling a difference with my body. ive been noticing i have pregnancy symtoms but i dont no if im pregnant. what do i do? I have bought a pregnancy test but im going to wait a couple of weeks so if i could bee there will be alot more hcg in my blood.



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