I So Badly Want To Be Pregnant

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everydaywait - August 19

im 22 and i was pregnant once but due to lack of imformation i lost the baby .. it has been about 2 years and i find myself wanting so badly to be able to have a baby ...i feel empty almost unforfilled. its getting to the point of when i get my period that im upset that im not pregnant.i keep thinking that im going nuts...and it seems the more i want a baby the more of my age good is having babies...srry i ramble..AM I CRAZY FOR WANTING THIS SO BABDLY????


Sophia - August 22

No, you're obviously not crazy; but you have an urge to carry a baby to full term. Well, right now you should focus on the other good things in your life. Study, job, friends, relationship, etc, and let nature do the rest. If you continue to fret and worrv you will probably make your problem worse, stress is a bad thing if it's a continuous thing. Just focus on good things for a while or learn other good things to do.. like yoga, or relaxation techniques.


Tammy Tae - March 2

I lost a baby boy who was my first in September of 08. I was in the hospital for a month being monitored. Well, I lost him due to an infection from the duma__s who gave it to me. Yes...the baby daddy. Apparently he was cheating on me. I had bacterial vaginosis/gardnerella and chlamydia. I dilated to early and he was slipping out. He was 21 weeks in utero. I had to get rid of him is what the doctors told me. He was going to die anyway and I was going to die with him because I would of became septic. They told me they weren't going to let that happen and they told me they would have to take it in their own hands if I didnt make that decision. They induced my labor and he only lived for 40 minutes before I said my goodbyes. So I know how you feel. I been wanting one so bad. Its like a person flashing a million dollars in front of you and then when you reach out to grab it...they quickly take it away from you. Heart breaking. Honestly I think I might be prego now. But I took home prego test and blood test and they all said negative. But I didnt get my period for the whole month of February. Only spotted pink and brown for 7 days straight in the beginning of february. Thats it, no period. Mind you, my period has been shorter than usual for 2 months and lasted 4 days instead of 6. Then when february came i only spotted. And I usually have heavy periods. I have been having unprotected s_x with my new boyfriend whom I trust very much. He's good to me. Anyway I been having prego symptoms. Out of 25 symptoms...at least 19 of them i am experiencing. I keep feeling movements like the way I did with my first but almost like muscle spasms but different in a sort of way. Gyn told me It might be stress and told me to start taking birth control to regulate my periods. I have a gut feeling this may not be good for me. If I am, I should be at least 2-3 months prego. Why its not showing up? I found out I was prego with my first at 1 1/2 months. What does it sound like to you?


lynnemtrix - March 17

You aren't crazy at all. Well, you may be, but then myself and a lot of other women are as well. I miscarriaged several months ago. Since then, it's been the only thing on my mind. I keep hoping that I'm pregnant, I've actually found myself praying for it. I can't tell you how to make it go away, I can't figure it out myself. I keep looking at pictures of my friends who have children, and I always been to be stuck next to pregnant women (the bus, lines, planes, everywhere). I think I might be pregnant now, even. But I'm too afraid to hope. I think it's just me wanting it so badly.


kimberly - March 26

None of you are crazy! You all have had a terrible loss, I haven't ever been through it but I do have a good friend who has, it is really hard for her, especially because I have 3 kids. I think it is built in us to want a baby and then if it gets taken away or you find it hard to concieve it can really take over your mind. I had trouble concieving my first two and I know it was all I could think about. I wondered why it isn't happening, had thoughts of it will never happen, and I was very depressed because it was all I could focus on. Its a very normal feeling and probably the worst feeling ever to not be able to have what you so much want. All I can say is many women suffer with the same thing and most do go on to have healthy babies, so keep positive and pray!


lauras83 - May 30

i sooooooooooo wont to get pregnant is that to much to ask for!! since i was a young girl havin a baby is all i have dreamt about!! for some reason ive always thought that it aint goin to happen, that my friends n youger cousins would have babys before me, which has and is happening right before my eyes. it upset me even though i am happy for them!! i have only been tryin for about 4 months but takin that test and seeing it negative is heartbreaking!! Hopefully it happens soon xx



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