On Average How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

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Lydia - May 31

Hello! I am 23 and my husband and I have been married for almost 3 years. We have just decided to start having kids. My husband is military and currently overseas, but will be home soon. I was just wondering how long it takes to get pregnant on average....thanks!!


Beckins - May 31

Everyone is different. It took my and my husband 3 months. Ive known ppl to fall pregnant first try and others quite a while. You're a good age (Im 22) and Im sure healthy too! I got really down in the months I didn't fall but I read alot of articles about falling pregnant. The most common length of time to fall pregnant is after 3-6mths of trying. Lots of factors will affect falling pregnant, e.g. previous contraception, diet, weight, sperm count, etc. One piece of advice...RELAX! I got so wound up when we were trying Im convinced that was a main factor to us not falling pregnant. Enjoy it! Hope all goes well for you both.


Hi - June 1

Hi I've heard the average is 6 months - 1 year but sometimes less. Usually if no success after a year they will look for reasons why. Hope it happens quickly for you! You are young so should be quite fertile ;-)


Miss Kitten - June 8

Hi Lydia... At the moment im visiting my parter for a few months before he leaves to go oversease (he is in the miliary) and i also would like to know on average how long it would take to fall pregnant because my time is limited lol... i am 20yold... so if im not pregnant this month ill have to wait till next year when he returns... :( good luck to you!! ~~baby dust~~


CNL - June 13

Hi Ladies i also have a husband in the military and he is overseas right now but he will be back in late October. I was on B/C for about 3 years but i quit taking it in March, my question is should i have a problem getting pregnant when he gets home because i was on B/Cif it helps any i am 20. thank you for your replys:) ~*BABY DUST*~


Miss Kitty - June 14

Hi CNL... Ive heard that if you are on b/c you should wait 3 months before ttc.. so you would be ready by october to bd! :) My af was due yesterday.. but hasnt showen yet and i dont want to take the test yet because i dont want to be dissapointed. :( good luck to you! ~baby dust~


Jessica F. - June 14

It really depends on your body. I was preg the month I tried but some ppl take longer


Amanda - June 14

I took bc for 4yrs and had to go off the pill for medical reasons and I got pregnant 10 days later. I was 22 at the time. I am now 24 want to get pregnant again and I have been trying for 3 months now. Hopefully I don't have to wait much longer. Good Luck!!! Keep trying


CNL - June 15

thank you miss kitty for your reply. are you ttc? if so i hope af stays away! i can not wait until October 31 (the day hubby gets back home!) so we can start trying! would it help any if i was to start taking pernatal vitamins now, or should i wait until i actually become pregnant to take them? i wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust to you:)


Ca__sie - June 15

It's good to start taking prenatal vitamins even before you try to conceive. The healthier you are, the better.... especially with the folic acid. As far as how long it takes to conceive, as everyone has already stated, it is different for everyone. I am 24 and I was on b/c for 4 years. When we decided to start trying, I took my last pill, had my period and began my cycle pill free. We did not expect to get pregnant right away because we also heard it would probably take 3 months for my body to get back to it's original/natural cycle. Well "probably" was the magic word because we conceived that very first month and now I am 14wks3dys pregnant.


Lydia - June 16

Hi ladies! It's nice to see that there are some people on here who have military husbands too! My DH just got home the other day. We have bd'd twice since then. I have been having sharp pains in my lower stomach and the right side of my ovaries have been aching all day. Hope it happens this time. I am very impatient! Good luck to you all! We should keep in touch! ***~~***


Jamie - June 17

Me and my hubby are both military - we were separated for 2 months last year - I PCSed to Germany 2 months ahead of him; I got pregnant within 2 weeks of him joining me here in Germany. (He got here October 15, I conceived Halloween weekend)


cynthia - June 17

my husband and I have been trying for 5 months, no luck yet, I'm 19 and like many of you very impatient, my sister-in-law who already has five kids said she wanted another one and 2 weeks later she called to say she was pregnant, how fair is that, but i am so happy for her and it just shows it is different for everyone, baby dust to all!


Lesley - June 20

1st try


Kylie - June 21

I chose a planned pregnancy, I bought an ovulation test kit, had s_x when it said I was ovulated, and got pregnant directly from that, it was fairly quick for me.


Mommyof2 - June 30

It took me about three months both times that I concieved, we are trying again, but it has taken a bit longer this time. I am afraid that maybe 2 is our magic number...lol Good luck to all here. Children are truly blessings. I could use a little baby dust. LOL


Kimberlee - July 1

Hi Lydia, I am 20 and my husband is also 20. I am 18wks2dys prego and it took us 1yr 4months to pregnant. It is different for everyone. Don't worry, it will happen when its ment to happen. I wish you and your husband the best. Just have a lot of s_x! hehehehehe : )



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