On Average How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

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Annie - August 31

Hi everyone, i got pregnant first try, i'm 24 and because i have endometriosis i was told that it may be difficult for me to get pregnant. I just want other people with endometriosis to not lose hope and be convinced that you will have difficulty getting pregnant, because it can happen! :) I also got told that endometriosis can cause recurrent miscarriages, but i am now 13 1/2 weeks in my first pregnancy and everything looks good. Good luck everyone trying to have a baby :)


Brummett - September 21

How long does it take to conceive?


sss - September 23

i've been trying for over 1 year with no success. Start as soon as possible. I believe it's like the lottery if you get it at the right time your in luck


Ammy - October 3

I am 21, 22 in 3 weeks and my husband and I decided to start trying back in April. We were successful our first try but unfortunately miscarried the day after I found out. Now here we are 6 months later and no luck. But I know that my time will be soon best of luck to everyone.


2muchtime - August 1

Hey Annie, I also have endometriosis and we have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 3 years. Did you have any kind of surgery to help you get pregnant?? I got pregnant in April of '05 but lost it at 9.5 weeks. How long did it take you to get pregnant?


ash_01 - August 17

hi i have been trying to get pregnant sinse september last year. i am very stressed because everyone around me is getting pregnant. any advice?


Sophia - August 22

To ash_01, everyone around you was probably trying for some time too, but don't let your stress lessen your chances more. Look to the bright side and enjoy your "single" independent life before baby comes and you are bound 24/7 to him.


Heather74 - December 26

at age 20 to 33 it takes 3 to 6 months and after this 6 months to a year. If it takes longer then a ayear I would get fertility help.


A.J. - July 9

Hello all. I am 24 years old & my husband & I already have a beautiful baby girl. We are currently trying to get pregnant again. We didnt plan our 1st, so I had a couple questions that I thought someone may be able to answer. I am wondering this... if you have intercourse a few days before you are suppose to start, if you get pregnant will you still have your 'monthly' that next time since its only a few days?


gnc - August 6

hi my name is gummy how long does it take to no if you are pregnant? is one wk enough to no if u r pregnant i have zero knowledge on pregnancy plz help


Mussa84 - January 23

i am 26, going on 27 in april, my partner will be 28 in september this year...we have been trying to conceive for the last 6 months, with no success :( very frustrating and worried that maybe there is something wrong with either one of us. some people are so lucky and fall straight away, and i was kinda hoping i would be the same. but i guess not! :(


shleesme - February 4

I was on the pill for about a year and I went off of it in December, my husband and I had planned on waiting 3 months before trying. We did however wait one month and I got my period right on time in jan. and we had s_x one time unprotected after my jan. period and I got pregnant right away. Whereas 2 years ago we had gotten pregnant after 5 months of trying. I do believe your health has something to do with it too such as a problem with weight. When i got pregnant 2 years ago I was 70 punds overweight and it took a bit longer. This time I lost all the weight and it happened right away. Everyone is different, so just relax and have fun and it will happen.


Francois - February 24

Hi Mussa84 Hang in their and have fun, as shleesme said. It's also good advice to take note of your health and weight. These two are normally close related. My standard advice is to focus an improving your health naturally, and the rest will get easier. As you get healthier, everything in your body works better. This applies to both you and your partner. My wife's health were terrible when we got married. We tried for nearly four years, before she got pregnant with Mary-Ann. But in that time we gradually changed our lifestyle and she got healthier. She lost a lot of weight, got her depression under control, got rid of chronic migraines, sorted out her digestive system and so on. Mary-Ann and Rosemarie is very healthy.


bbgirl81 - March 1

hi ladies,
Stopped taking seasonal bcp around the week of feb 14. was on it for almost 2 yrs. Never took pills on time. Sometime no pills for 3 days and take 2 pills the following day. Had unprotected sex on feb 24, 27, and on 28. Possible to get pregnant?


michaelthomas - March 29

Hi there, my wife is 25 and she will be getting preganant soon, Is ii the best age?


Progenesisivf - February 2

Hi Ladies, Endometriosis causes pain in some women and also causes infertility. IVF is usually the best plan for infertility patients with endometriosis. IVF can provide hope for women who struggle with endometriosis. 



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